Karen Doonan ~ Manifesting LOVE in the New Earth

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The old 3d earth reality teaches very deeply that LOVE is something that you must “solve”, from the moment you are born you are TAUGHT that to receive LOVE you must “do”, that is you must obey the unwritten rules of the world.  On a planet of 7 billion people this seeks to teach that LOVE is like a needle in the proverbial haystack, you must SEEK it. At no point does the old 3d earth created reality allow you to understand and SEE that LOVE JUST IS, that  LOVE is what YOU ARE in TRUTH, why would you need to seek that which you are?

As the commercial world now ramps up Valentines Day and the fear and the anxiety begins to build it is to be remembered that every single moment of your outer waking life experience can be a valentines day and it needs no input from anyone other than SELF.  The teachings in relation to human “love” are deep for a reason, they seek to keep the human race OUT of the heart space and to stay locked within the puzzle of “human love”. In TRUTH there is no puzzle on any level of the human life experience.  So many of you at this moment are trying to work out who you are and not allowing the universe and your SOUL to show you WHO YOU ARE in TRUTH.

As soon as you take your first breath upon this planet you are given a label.  You are then given more and more labels that seek to define who you are in relation to those around you, the old 3d earth seeking to have you define which part of the 7 billion piece puzzle that is to be “solved” on this planet you are.  Once more I place before you the TRUTH that there simply is NO PUZZLE.
Many people connect with me looking for specific instructions on how to change the world around them and what steps they must take so this blog will address this. I would almost guarantee that many of you will dismiss what is within this blog for it is SIMPLE. BE that which you wish to see reflected in your outer waking world with NO expectation. By this I mean do not utter the words ” I love you” to someone and EXPECT something from them, say the words only if that is how YOU TRULY FEEL.  These 3 little words have been highly distorted within the old 3d earth reality and this is deliberate. As discussed on the Beyond the Looking Glass radio show  it is often filtered out the power of words.  Many state these words almost like routine, what they actually mean is “do you love me? am I good enough for you to love me?”  This is a different frequency to the words “I love you” and this must be anchored if you are to allow the flow of the New Earth energies to begin to shift and change your human life experience. Many people are in relationships that are based on fear, it may APPEAR they are based on love but if you are in fear of doing something that will see your partner leave you then you are not in “love”, you are in fear. This  translates to ALL human relationships, how often do you stop yourself from experiencing something in this human life experience for fear of your siblings, mother, father, friends etc “not approving”. What you are stating to the world at this level is that you are in fear of “losing their love”. But LOVE JUST IS and cannot be lost, it is eternal, it is the very fabric of the universe.  However LOVE and “love” are two very different vibrations.
Many talk of “unconditional love” still filtering out the definition that is placed on the word “love”.  Many would state that parents display unconditional love but do they? if they did then there would be no problem with their children expressing themselves in whatever way they wished to with no disapproval (stated or unstated) and expansion would continue.  How often do you first of all run your human life through the eyes of your parents? why? The old 3d earth created reality TAUGHT your parents to accept responsibility for every breath that you take and this continues from generation to generation. This is not TRUTH for no one can experience your life apart from you. Others may have OPINIONS but even their opinions are not for you to anchor unless you wish to.
On the radio show we asked the question “how many times over the past few days have you looked in the mirror and stated clearly “I love you?” the response from the chat room was very low. Many people filter out the need to value and love SELF first of all before anything else, in the old 3d earth created reality you are TAUGHT that this is ego, but how can you possibly love another person on this planet if you filter out WHO YOU ARE IN TRUTH for YOU ARE LOVE and this is the reflection you seek.  YOU cannot see yourself in the “mirror” of planet earth if you are standing ignoring the reflection in the mirror, that reflection is YOU.  If you dont believe me try it, try to look at your reflection in a mirror without acknowledging or seeing you looking back at you.
If you wish to live in a world that reflects LOVE in TRUTH then you must take responsibility for your part of this world, that is your human vehicle and your energy signature. Radiate the LOVE that IS out into the world through your actions and your interactions with others with NO EXPECTATION.  It is to be remembered that for a majority of the population someone who radiates LOVE is to be ignored due to the feelings of anxiety that this will trigger, this is a byproduct of the old lower dimensional frequencies. For you are TAUGHT within the old 3d earth reality that the word is a hostile place and that you must survive at all costs. Many people see this as creating new systems, new ways of living that are shinier versions of what is already in place. Whilst yes you can FEED the world with food, the world is not asking for FOOD for nutrition the world is asking for NOURISHMENT from LOVE, these are two different vibrations and frequencies.  You can sit at a table and eat all the food that you wish but if you are seeking NOURISHMENT you will still FEEL empty.
At this time upon the planet there is much chaos, much is coming up to be released and many of you are feeling helpless and this also is a byproduct of the old 3d earth created reality. It takes NO MONEY to pass on LOVE in TRUTH, it takes but a moment to smile at the shop assistant, it takes a moment to chat with someone at the bus stop, it takes a moment to hold back from criticizing someone in your life and yet many people filter this out. “how can me doing this change the world?” – well you are connected to almost 7 billion people and if even 10% of those around you did as you are doing then the TSUNAMI of LOVE would gain in momentum and the world WOULD CHANGE INSTANTLY. Remember it is the frequency that manifests the reality, you cannot change a reality into a frequency no matter what the old 3d earth will try to teach you and no matter how hard your try, the universe does not work like this.
BE THE CHANGE THAT YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD and LOVE those around you. Do not expect them to shower you with praise for they may be going through much change and shifts that they do not understand. Be KIND to those around you, become more conscious of the words that you use and the way in which you use them. Many manipulate others around them out of fear and filter this out. LOVE JUST IS and YOU ARE in TRUTH.
LOVE in TRUTH will expand and will deepen, “love” is now dissolving upon and within planet earth for it was never TRUTH and sought only to contain and suppress and to teach sacrifice.   ALLOW the LOVE that IS to flow through you and LET GO for ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.