~Karen Doonan ~ Re-BIRTH of the SUN GOD

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2/21/14 Karen Doonan


As I spoke about on the BEYOND THE LOOKING GLASS radio show this week (wed feb 19th), the key to the New Earth is the human male, in spiritual terms this is the RE-birth of the SUN GOD onto and within planet earth. For eons the human race has been TAUGHT to follow and defer to the MOON, that is the divine feminine and this has seen a planet rapidly lose its balance, for balance is day and night, left and right, up and down and many have allowed the old 3d earth created reality to show them how to filter this out.

As I also stated clearly on the radio show,  unless the human race now start to embrace, cherish and acknowledge the human male then there can be no further expansion, the human male and the human female are CODED at a cellular lever for expansion, the old 3d earth created reality knew this and sought at all times to come between the human male and the human female.  Those in human form may share a planet together but they are not “together” in any sense of the word, it may APPEAR that human males and human females share language but this is highly distorted, the teachings that each receive within the old 3d earth created reality seek to break down the NATURAL connection that is between a human male and a human female.  BALANCE is the KEY at all times, many in both human male and human female form are out of balance at a very personal level, sitting within one half of their energy signature, allowing the old 3d earth created reality to continue to teach them that to move into balance will see them destroyed and the heart space dissolved.

This is NOT TRUTH and is not supported on any level by the New Earth. For in the joining of energies of the human males and the human females TOGETHER there will be massive expansion. Many of you may be allowing the old 3d earth created reality to begin to filter out my words, for I am not talking of the “romantic” connection between a human male and a human female I am talking about CONNECTION. This is between fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, brothers and sisters etc and this has been highly distorted within the old 3d earth created reality.  This is covered in more detail in the TRUTH CODES- Chronicles from ORION book where there are clear examples to show you how to work with this distortion.


ALL ARE ONE, now the planet is moving and shifting and heightening its energy signature to accommodate this expansion. It is also NOT TRUTH to refer to the planet earth as “Mother Earth” for the planet is also made up of both female and male energy, the moon rises in the night sky and the sun comes out during the daytime.  Many of you may try to filter this TRUTH out and I would ask you to process my words through the heart space, for the HEART KNOWS TRUTH.  A world out of balance now seeks to come fully into balance for only from balance can you attain EXPANSION. ALL are incarnate upon and within planet earth at this time to help this process, ALL are gathering in the UNIVERSE of 3 to support this process for THIS is what you have incarnated in order to experience at a conscious waking human level.

The RE-birth of the SUN GOD will see the human male take his place BESIDE the human female, he does not walk behind her, he does not walk in front of her, he walks ALONGSIDE of her, supporting her as SHE SUPPORTS HIM.  He also has a voice, this is not a silent support of the human female as the human female is not in silent support of the human male. Those who have taken human form upon this planet have been silenced for eons, walking blind in the darkness that is the karmic dimensional timelines that are anchored into the old 3d earth created reality.  This is now negated in TRUTH.

The GIFT to the planet earth is EXPANSION in TRUTH, ALL are now preparing, ALL are now taking their places as the human race on all levels now prepares to take their place in the UNIVERSE of 3 with ALL, for ALL ARE ONE and ALL JUST IS.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.





Male or female?

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I am not certain of this, but from what I have studied, it is the complete OPPOSITE of what you are stating here.  And if you merely take a look around this reality, you will see a world that IS out of balance, but it is a MALE dominated imbalance, not a female one!

This, to me anyway, is highly obvious, as males have been running the world for the past few recent millennia anyway!  Obviously it hasn't been a positive result either, as we've seen nothing but oppression, starvation, war and slavery.  This was NOT through the hands, or hearts, of females!

I am 51% male and 49% female

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dont let physical apparence fool you

within every man, there is a strong woman

within every woman, there is a humble man

There are no them and us, only us...


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At first, I thought, what???  But reading further, and because I do astrology, it began to make sense.  A certain woman that I know exhibits more of her natal Moon energy than she does her natal Sun energy.  I thought that strange, but based on what you are saying, it now makes sense why she was exhibiting more Lunar (feminine) than Solar (masculine) energy. She just needs to develop more Solar energy, and re-balance the two.

Dear Karen

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Thanks for that Karen,

   To me the question is, whether physically male or female, how to get in touch with the true masculine archetype which is very beautiful strong and noble, think of a great athlete with an added intellectual and artistic and spiritual high cultivation and attunement - I am minded here of the ancient Greeks and their ideal of the male which you see in their sculptures - for them the male was more perfect and beautiful than the female and often they were in part homosexual.  But their society as ours reflected more the distorted masculine of domination control cold rationalism competition militarism etc.  this has Nothing to do with the real male archetype or Idea.  Just as the femme fatale, the seductress,  and Whore of Babylon represents the female archetype in distortion that is run rampant on this planet and rarely do you see the true divine Idea of the Feminine, maybe mostly in a mother, there is even today a purity in that rarely seen in other walks of life. So not only to come into balance between male and female within us but to get in touch with what these true versions of the energy are and have to teach us!  A tall order for mostly we have only known distortion of both and right now it is killing us. Will the true Man the true Woman please stand up!

   And sorry i am going to continue to speak of Mother Earth!  Her soul energy as nurturer of life as Materia (matter comes from mother) as matrix is predominantly feminine in my book and gloriously so!!!