A Kinder, Gentler World. My Experiences With Life After 12-21. By, Bella Capozzi.

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❤ December 28, 2012.

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560581_10150832688493720_214313598719_9712112_122842863_n~ Here we are.  It’s December 28th, and we’re sitting on the cusp of a brand new year.  December 21st has come and gone, as has another Christmas.  I must admit that this has been a pretty eventful week!  So many of you have been sharing your accounts of what transpired for you on the 21st, and I’ve so enjoyed reading all of them.  I’m amazed at the diversity and the variety of experiences and interpretations of what went down.  Like many others, I’ve been taking a couple of weeks to just rest, regenerate, enjoy the Holidays and get a feel for what the next phase of my mission here on Earth is going to be.

~ So, what are my impressions of Ascension?  I must admit that for me it was an extremely gentle process, and that if I didn’t have my Team to prep me and explain it, I wouldn’t have even noticed that anything had transpired at all.  I wasn’t disappointed, however.  This is exactly how they’ve been telling me it would be all along; a slow process, a beginning and not an end.  They’ve consistently maintained that December 21st would be an embarkation point rather than a destination in and of itself.  It was a call to duty of The Troops (Us-the Lightworkers,  Wayshowers and Placeholders.)  Oh, to be sure, I had those same secret wishes and hopes that everyone else did.  Before going to sleep the night of the 20th, I joked with my Team, asking them if they weren’t just downplaying everything.  I held a tiny, secret fantasy that maybe I’d wake up and find myself inside one of the Crystalline Cities of Light, and that I’d look out my bedroom window and see Unicorns and Fairies frolicking in the grass.  But alas, it was not be be.  Just the same old parking lot full of cars!

~ But truly, Ascension has been anything but a disappointment for me, and not just because I had preparation.  I feel happier, lighter and very centered, all the time.  My path is becoming clearer and the lines less blurred.  But the greatest thing I’m noticing is a dramatic change in the attitude of the people I’m encountering.  They seem less stressed-out and more patient.  They are suddenly far more gracious and willing to help one another .  I got the chance to experience this immediately, along with a plethora of newly enhanced sychronicities, and a welcome speed-up of manifestational abilities.  Nowhere was this more evident than at the airport.  I began the Aquarian Age by traveling back to Connecticut for Christmas.  My Mom had booked my son and I a flight with a 4-and-a-half hour layover in Atlanta (eek!), and I had called a few hours before my flight to change our  connector – fully expecting to be hit with the mandatory, exorbitant fees.  But no, it was not be.  The woman on the line was so sweet and friendly. She said, “That’s ok.  I’m not going to charge you this time.”  Then she put us on a flight that left only 40 minutes after our arrival.  We then went on to experience a delay in takeoff that should have caused us to miss out connection to White Plains.  So I asked the Angels to please delay the connecting flight.  And voila!  When we arrived at the gate, we were told that the air-conditioning on the plane had mysteriously shut down, and there would be a delay in departure.  This type of thing happened again on the flight back to Florida.

~ Since December 21st, I’m observing this new peacefulness and joy, everywhere I go.  In the shops, on the roads, at the doggy-resort when I picked up Ozzy and Ava.  People are smiling.  They are beginning to genuinely care.  There already appears to be a relaxing of the old “me-first”, “survival-of-the-fittest” attitude.  It’s also somewhat shocking to me, never having been a master-manifester, to find that things are just falling into place by simply intending that they should.  This has absolutely been the biggest surprise!  I’m in the process now of getting ready to move back up to New England in a few months, and I am extremely curious to see how this will come into play as I tackle that overwhelming project!

~ My advice to anybody who feels that nothing happened on the 21st is to take a good, thorough look around you.  Get out there and interact with the people.  Talk to them.  Observe them.  Become interested in them.  Then, make your assessment.  Also, Archangel Michael has advised me to focus my meditation time on the upgrading of my DNA.  When selecting guided meditations, he suggests choosing the ones with DNA as the focal-point, and that these should be done every day.  I have to say that I think he’s right.  I’m noticing a difference in how I look and feel, and I’m starting to see lots of little blue lights around me all time!

~ We are the pioneers of this New Earth, and our jobs are actually just about to get started.  It’s the very reason we came here in the first place.  I’m told that right now, this is our down-time.  Kind of like a mini vacation, a reward for a job, thus far, very well done.  However, I do believe that January is not going to be quite so restful.  Take a look at the link below.  This is the January astrological forecast, by Carl Boudreau.  It pretty much says it all.


I’d like to wish each and every one of you a Happy and prosperous New Year.  Let’s all raise a glass to 2013.  We made it!

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