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Kuthumi-Agrippa has transmitted new information regarding the elevation of the Crystal Energy Grids, which are an integral part of the work required no to be conducted in order to activate the ancient dormant Sacred Site Portals of Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom, simultaneously activating our Blueprint of Divine Desinty.  These grids hold the Ascension Blueprint embodying the new codes activating, which are to be emitted through our DNA. The transformation initiated is also referred to as Epigenetic Control, involving the very real process of being able to consciously elevate the code of consciousness emitted through your genes, resulting in powerful Genetic Release.

Kuthumi-Agrippa New Energy Portal Grids- 14 Mar 2012 - TRANSCRIPT
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Kuthumi-Agrippa New Energy Portal Grids- 14 Mar 2012 - MP3
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