LADY ATHENA ~ The State of Grace ~ Christ & Our Return to Original Innocence

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The State of Grace~ Christ & Our Return to Original Innocence~

Jesus imported Grace to this planet thus fulfilling the former, very exacting law of karmic indebtedness and made a way for us all to live free. Grace is now accessible to every Soul.

By fully embodying and acting out His life in a state of Grace Jesus became the very energetic signature and template of Grace itself.

Until we can consciously access our own state of original innocence and Grace, we are invited to call upon His, until we can fully awaken to our own Christed nature.

Jesus, it is written, is the only Soul to have come to Earth from the very highest positive realms of the Divine.

Jesus came from the highest non-fallen, Divine Throne Reams of the Absolute as the Christ of God---the only Soul ever to enter this Earth, fully co-mingle within the human levels and yet never fall or 'sin.’ That is why He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life—the one who grants Eternal Life.

Christ is called the Life bearing Spirit who canceled out the curse of death that had come upon all mankind through the fall. Jesus conquered the illusory appearances of death, hell and the grave when He resurrected His own body to Immortal Life~

In Bridging Eternity into time--and time back into Eternity--Christ opened the Way that all may exit the ego's nightmare or death and separation---through Grace-- and return in Conscious Awareness to our original innocence and eternal Oneness with God~ As a form appearing in time and space upon this Earth, Jesus the Christ is simply a symbol—the Image of all that we are Divinely created and intended to be also. Jesus Christ is another name for our true Self and our Divine nature. The Christ is who and what we all are as extensions of the Love of Source.

How would your life be different if you knew that you are LOVE and that Love is ALL that matters here? That is the question that these amazing new children have come to ask us all.

Like Jesus, the first Human-Divine Fruit on the Galactic Tree of Life—we are also fruit of the Tree of Life. Like Jesus we are also the living Images and symbols of God’s Love embodied in Human form.

The highest most appropriate response we can ever opt for regardless of the situation is the loving one. Ask yourself, what would love do now? And do only that.

There is only One Divine Life enacting all the roles in this Earthly drama. All life is one so be allied—be alike to everyone with no trace of separative ego.
When the true Divine Self is operating through us that is what is called Dharma by the Hindus, Right Action by the Buddhists and Righteousness by the Christians. What ever it is called it indicates one who is living in a state of Grace and expressing their Divine nature.
And in that pure action there is no karmic residual.

Thus there is no karma in Christ ~ When you live in Christ and Christ lives in you, AS you, then you are sinless and karma FREE~

Living in a state of Grace is your most Spiritually comfortable place to live your life from--to simply BE the LOVE that you are and Grace abounds.

In Loving Grace, Cmdr. Lady Athena



The beauty

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Your description of Jesus the Christ is one of the best that I have ever read.  Far better than Paul's  the apostle's description.