Lady Portia ~~ The portals of Love and activation of Twin Flames ~~ by Méline Lafont on 12/11/2012

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Lady Portia ~~ The portals of Love and activation of Twin Flames ~~ by Méline Lafont on 12/11/2012 


My precious Hearts, now that we are in the midst of the shifts between the 11:11 portal and the solar eclipse on 13:11, intense energies are coming your way massively as well as lovingly. These energies not only long to bring your transformations to a higher level but they also wish to bring all your lower embodiments into one unit and to empower your capabilities to the max. Much will shift as a result of this portal and this solar eclipse in a limited amount of time. It is a blessing to experience all those portals, eclipses and alignments and to feel them flowing through you energetically for they truly are a great blessing and a loving touch to all of you. 

Feel how your hearts are in a state of bliss, feel them shifting into completion. The Twin Flame energies are now extremely strong in order to complete the reunion, the becoming of 1 Heart, 1 mind, 1 being into fulfillment. Feel how you and your Twin are reborn as a unity, feel how both your hearts are beginning to align to each other and feel how together the both of you begin the journey of discovery in synchronistic movement with your hearts beating as one, immortalized in the Now. It is the reunion of the Twin Flames, the joining of each other’s Love for your Twin and of letting that Love flare up once more after a long time of separation. 

It is the bliss expressed through those Twin Flame hearts which will endeavour to lead the new world into a higher state. Those blissful hearts will create their own new world and it will be done in unison with their Twin Flame. Those unified hearts will improve on what has already been created, what already seeks to manifest and what is already now in full development. The creation of the new world will come to pass through the power of pure Love as expressed through Twin Flames, and this process has arrived at its most potent level on the wheel of manifestation and creation. These are powerful days between the portal and the solar eclipse so I would really like for you to think in the most positive way. Even more so I would really want you to emit positive thoughts and feelings towards each other as Twin Flames so that the subsequent manifestations will be most wonderful. 

Make good use of the available energies resulting from the opening and the activation of  the portal between the 11:11 and the solar eclipse on November 13th for it is the most powerful portal up until now which is most suitable for the empowerment of Love, of unconditional Love towards the Twin Flame hearts. It will bring the beloved Twin Flame hearts together on a deeper level  in your own being and in your heart space, deep into your real being. It is the confluencing of the energies of both Twins, back to 1 energy, merged together as 1 being in the heart of your being. 

Creation at its best flows from a merger of the Hearts of Twin Flames : it is a pure and unconditional Love resulting in the most stunningly beautiful creations ever.

 Feel how you are getting closer in each other’s space and in your amazing Temple of Light within your Heart. It is there where the source of unification lies, it is there where you will find the source of your being, the All, the Now and the Love. Link your thoughts to each other’s being, to each other’s heart in unconditional Love forever and always! Tune in on each other’s energies for they will become one and share everything with each other so that all will again become crystal clear! Enjoy those moments in which your hearts come together and merge as one; share those moments of intense pleasure and passion and share the unconditional Love and warmth. It is so intense that it cannot compare to what your hearts have already experienced as human love feelings for each other. It surpasses way beyond the known Earthen limitations and it is far beyond the power of words to describe. 

It is a state of ecstasy, of enlightenment and of pure Self Love which can be felt when making contact with each other’s heart and energy. This state of being can only be experienced with your own self and your Twin and with nobody else because your own self and your Twin  complements you on a deep inner level and brings you again to completeness. Your only and eternal Twin and Being. Trust your own energy, my dearest Hearts, and project an intense feeling of appreciation in the heart of your Twin Flame and do this unconditionally. Come closer to one another and let it happen during this portal, you will be able to feel it, without a doubt, for your heart will get warm and will shine like a sun!

 My precious Hearts, I feel the compassion emerging and I especially feel the Love flaring up intensely, which in itself is beautiful to behold and to experience. Supply your loving assistance wherever needed, wherever your Heart can give fully out of Love to cheer others up. It is a process of giving and receiving which is the foundation of the most beautiful and lasting cooperation. Nourishing each other energetically, mutually exchanging energies empower the affiliations and the actual Self. 

Join me in these feelings, let your hearts open and glow in warmth and Light for your Heart has a direct link to your I AM Presence who is in touch with your beloved Twin, your true self. Enjoy and be in a blissful state.


I AM That I AM

Lady Portia ♥

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Love this! Love this!  I've

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Love this! Love this!  I've been singing this song for several months now.  Noone can experience the Home of their Heart until the Home of a True Twin Returns to the Heart it was at 000.  We are Home when we arrive to the original divine blueprint we are at 000.  Lift off will not take off at 12.21.12 until a Home in the True Heart as a True Twin of a Heart left at 000 is met with I Am. 


Love to All Hi Ho He