Laura ~ Power to People Now~ 6 May 2012

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I feel so privileged to be one of the witnesses of the massive world awakening we are all here for. It has been a long journey for us all I feel and if you are anything like me, you must feel just about ready for a long vacation in the warmest, sweetest spot in the Universe, where nothing ever has to be done!

Over the past 4 months I had a very trying time: university, family ill, friends died suddenly, have avoided being blown up, avoided car crashes, various disappointments in friendships, the list goes on…


However, I still feel uplifted by the latest updates coming from people like David Wilcock, Bill Brockbrader, Drake and Benjamin Fulford, and of course I am delighted with the love and support from all light beings.


I am one of the lucky people who recalls her life planning sessions, with Ascended Beings and Angels. I do recall in fact having a pre-knowledge of this life plan, however there was never any guarantee or promise of success for us or for Mother Earth.

I was asked to come back, this one last time on Mother Earth, in order to participate in the Human Consciousness Awakening, along as being an active player for Earth Transformation. I was told to that end, there would be a gigantic human chain of awaken beings, sent from above. We would be scattered all over the planet in order to help raise vibrations, so along with a few other thousands of people, we were sent here to help this planet and its inhabitants move into a new plane of existence.


Although I felt my experiencing duality on Earth had ran its course with my soul, I had to give this offer a further thought. I recall coming to this planet, along with many other alien races some million of years ago, I recall being part of the Egyptian civilisation, I recall having been an important player on Atlantis, but I also recall living in a cave in prehistoric times, I also recall being a fish, devoured by a bigger fish, I recall having been poor, with young children, I recall a life of fear, disempowerment, being drunk and having died in the street, with only a bottle of spirit for companion. I recall having had children, or lives of luxury also, I recall almost always dying young, and being unable to cope with 3D life, feeling cut off from source and being angry at many things, including at God.


So the prospect of coming back did not enchant me to say the least, but I did manage to set a few conditions for my last incarnation and I negotiated my terms pretty hard. I had also stolen some memories from the other side, like the ones I speak of above, because without them, I felt I would fall again in my eternal cycle of despair and young wilful death.


There was going to be something extra for me in this life, and the purks were that after going through a great ordeal in my youth, but after age 24, things would get better and better for me. All these things have manifested into my life, at the expected time. All the promises made by my guardian angels have in fact materialised in due time, and I am now 38 years old.

I was also told that should we manage to pull our mission through, death would no longer be experienced by us, and we would live through some unique times, when we would come in direct contact with those who are behind the veil, namely with Angelic Beings and with Benevolent Ascended Galactic Beings. In this last life time, I would have the possibility to witness all Earth changes, and my own transformation.


We live now at this tipping point of our lives, we are all changing, we are all moving towards the light.

Many of us have connected through the internet, some of us have fallen out, and some of us work daily together. I can feel all our energy at its best now, I can feel your presence at the end of the internet connection, we are all joining hands and efforts to make the Shift happen. Our connection goes on in many levels, in many forms, consciously or not. We are all working for the light, we are all joining forces, we are all here for this particular time.


Many of us have given up on having a normal life, on having a family or children, just so that we can participate in full to our role as catalysts.


We are all connected, all one, all love, and will always be so.

Lightworkers unite.







I love this blog Laura...I

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I love this blog Laura...I LOVE YOU!! Thank you so much for your rememberances and your current brilliant LIGHT OF LOVE....WE ARE CONNECTED!! WE ARE ONE! Much Peace, Joy, Light and Love to YOU and to ALL! NOW! :) <3

thank you

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Thank you for inspiring talk. we are all at the edge. just with a gentle push to otherside, we may begin to remember things we long forgot.

thank you for your gentle push (touch)