~The Law of Gratitude~

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The Law of Gratitude Is The Natural Principle That Action And Reaction Are Always Equal And In Opposite Directions! This Means That Everything We Put Our Attention And
Emotional Energy On, Want Or Not, Will Eventually Show Up In Our Lives! The
Universe And Our Subconscious Mind Doesn't Know The Difference Between Good Or
Bad, So They Treat Fear And Enthusiasm Exactly The Same! Therefore It's
Important To Be Putting Positive Energy On What We Want, And Withholding
Negative Energy As Fear, Doubts Or Worry On What We Don't Want! As We Are
Putting Energy In It, We're Placing An Order For It!


Gratitude Is So Important Because It Is A Very High Energy of Positive Vibration! It Connects Us With Source! You Cannot Exercise Much Power Without Gratitude Because It Is
Gratitude That Keeps You Connected With Power! The Creative Power Within Us
Makes Us Into The Image of That To Which We Give Our Attention


The Grateful Mind Is Constantly Fixed Upon The Best, Therefore It Will Receive The Best! If We Are Grateful About Everything, We Focus On What We Want! This Is The Reason The
Teachers of The Secret Insist That You See Your Goal As Already Accomplished,
And That You Become Grateful For It!


Using Gratitude Is A Powerful Way To Be Sure You're Putting Strong Energy On The Goal! Many Believe That There Is A Limited Supply of Stuff! This Belief Leads To
Competitive Thinking, The Idea That In Order To Get What You Want, You Have To
Take It Away From Someone Else! That Is Called Lack Thinking, And Within That
Kind of Thinking, It's Hard To Be Grateful When You Think There Is Not


So Look At Your Life And Find What Works, And Focus In On Being Grateful For It!

Everyone Has Something To Be Happy About!

Peace ~ Joy ~ Blessings ; )))

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