Learn the Truth About everything regarding the Ascension of this Universe

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Learn the Truth About everything regarding the Ascension of this Universe

Dr. Joe Barnett
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to Learn the Truth About everything regarding the Ascension of this Universe, how it all began, what is taking place now and in the future and how the most important thing that needs to be done is to TUNE Into the Frequencies or Vibrations within your own Cellular Structure that aligns you into the Vortex of All that Is and allows that Frequency of Eternal Life and Manifestation to flow through you continuously.

Those who align their vibrations into their individual Source frequencies will begin to soar and gain lift off in 2018. Many of us have been preparing the rest of the world for the past twenty years for this event that has finally begun.

Please check out the many pages that will guide you in your personal preparation.

This is an EDUCATIONAL Website. It is not for random people posting or soliciting. IT is only for Mary Magdalene to share the TRUTH with the world.

We all have had incarnations on this planet when we worked on this same project for millions of years that have prepared this specific contract within us long before we were born.

The head of my Ascension Team, Elaika, who is a 12th Dimensional Entity from the Universal Councils asked my Cosmic Twin Flame and I to open the Seven Ascension Portals between Earth and Parallel Spiritual Earth within the Under Water Cities of Light. Those living within the Underwater Cities of Light will be able to remove all of the radiation from the oceans once they are free to move between domains after the portals are open. Presently those in the Cities of Light are locked out of our Ocean Domains of the Cetacean Nation. 


When the ASCENSION PORTALS are opened, this will cause more and more of a harmonic balance within the Pacific Ring of Fire, and eventually all earthquakes will stop once this project is complete. We plan to complete the project by November. This is an essential project to the complete new alignment of Earth in the Fall Solstice and the completion by the Winter Solstice of 2016. 

Elaika told me that after the Music is Created by the Cosmic Twin Flame- Joe and Angela - the Frequencies are woven through the Consciousness of the Entire Over Soul of the Universal Council and our Frequencies become 2400 times stronger than any person on Earth.

I asked Elaika if these frequencies are increased when people all over the world listen to our music. Elaika said that each time this music is listened to by others the frequencies produced go into an infinity loop between the listener and the Crystal Magic Orchestra Consciousness. This is why the use of these frequencies at this time can have astronomical effects on the harmonic balance of the Ascension Portals that are being unbalanced within the Inner Earth Domains.

We -- the Crystal Magic Orchestra Group - including the Universal Councils - are working continuously on this project, and we are inviting those of you who would like to participate to work with us this week as often as possible.

We created this Kit for you to use.

If you want to work on this GREATEST of all Healing Activities ever needed on Earth that will help save the lives of thousands within and thousands on top of the Earth, join us in this activity now. The project will be complete by November, 2016. We have been asked to spend an entire month on each of the seven portals. 

We completed the first Ascension Portal of the Pacific from our location in Monterey, California. After that we opened four more along the California Coast line. Next, we have been asked to work on the two most southern portals first and then the three in the middle and then the two at the top. Of course, it is always good to keep focusing harmonic alignment into all seven portals as well.

We have the frequencies that can open the SEVEN ASCENSION PORTALS  in the Pacific Ocean. THEY ARE ON THIS ALBUM.

The UNDER WATER CITIES OF LIGHT KIT contains a Meditation Set with


As well as the Underwater Journey itself into the Crystal Caves with the Oraphim Cosmic Dolphins and the Inner Earth Cetacean Nation.








Dr. Joe Barnett
Dr. Angela Barnett
Mary Magdalene