Let's ask NOW

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In nature, all is well. With humanity, all is just a moment away from Now.
The future now, the place where we all are already. That now, Here.

Love asked me "You are love". Oops wrong question, lol.
I said "YES". I am funny, that way.
I can crack a joke like I scramble an egg, yoke you up. Lol

Humanity, the isolated race of animals so self-destructive we had to learn from them as we taught them, whew. Yep, love is everything.
Oh, and warm hugs to all loving natures.
I am HU=MAN too, just a universal HU=MAN.

All for one and one for all, inclusively.
Oops, that word love taught me, INCLUSIVELY

If now and being meet, the all shows up to celebrate creation. Did that happen? Let's ask NOW.