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By Shannon - 20 October 2012

The transformative Light that is changing our lives, shines whether you see it or not. This is not just a silly comment or poetry that I am writing here, but actual fact. It is supremely difficult for individuals to believe that it could be their OWN behaviors and thoughts ( which create their own personal frequency) that are KEEPING them from actually SEEING things that others with a higher frequency can see easily. But that is exactly the case!

VISION is not the same for everyone. Individual vision depends upon ones ability to see, and ones ability to see higher frequency changes has little to do with the physical eyes and more to do with the higher mind!!

As much as this sounds weird or crazy, and should be discarded, I am telling you..., it is as real and true as anything you've ever learned.

The higher your frequency goes..., the better and more clear your vision will become.
Your perceptions will suddenly expand, and thus your perspective will change as well.

This process does not happen all at once, but incrementally and slowly, such that as the days go by..., you will simply feel that you are getting smarter, wiser, and don't know why.
You can SEE more..., but your eye sight has not improved.

Blocks to vision are not physical, but they are MENTAL and EMOTIONAL. This is why the CABAL uses technology, WAR, deception and distraction in massive quantities that are increasing daily. It is to KEEP you from seeing the changes! Changes that can only be seen in the ABSENCE of mental and emotional blocks. They are actively engaged in mental and emotional rape of every person on the planet!
Now that's a big statement, and it may not seem real or true to you..., but then I suggest that YOU still do not see clearly.

Unless you have actually experienced your individual VISION growing and expanding in the way I am describing, you will always think that it can't happen..., because it has not YET happened to YOU.

When it does happen to you..., then you will know its true, and wonder why others don't get it! You will desperately want others to wake up to what's happening around them.

Yet, they have free will, and the power of choice! God will always honor that choice, even though you can now see that that choice will cause them great pain.

Lastly, the GOOD NEWS is that this is ALL about to change! The vision I am speaking about will be GRANTED to all those who want it, precisely because the CABAL tried to stop it.

They cheated in PRIME CREATORS "game" and HE/SHE was watching! No amount of Satan worship, blood sacrifice, occult magic, or other extremely childish antics can stop the CREATOR of everything from getting what HE/SHE wants!

Think on this!

All my love