LightWorkers GO Beyond....

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~~~~Hands for the Light-

Remove the Darkness

Find Peace within so much LOVE

That is from Self DeEPly Embedded…

Never forget the skies from which you came

Always remember Galactic/Angelic/ other Beings

 of Light are Always with you…..

Gifting us all with Unlimited POTENTIAL…

With Unlimited Consciousness… 

 with the ways to become even greater,  

to become One with All of LIFE—to see the Truth,

to Know our Animal, Plant, Tree,                                                                         

Human, Galactic Friends,…on Every Level….

That even those who say it is Impossible

to Co Exist on Gaia without Harming any Being

Can/is Becoming POSSIBLE….


That those who say that we cannot have a Golden Age-      


 A world of Peace for All Beings everywhere…..

We say we CAN! 

 We lightworkers KNOW….

We see beyond their Illusions, beyond what they see

We see the Abnormality of their Normal ways….

We see the COLORs/LIGHTs/ENERGIES that they cannot quite Comprehend….yet…..

We see the Love coming from the Beings of LIGHT

The Angels, Fairies, Power Animals, Spirit Guides

We see and Know their Presence are Real indeed

WE know that Something BIG is COMING in our Sphere! 


We have to Prepare all who we KNOW...NOW!

Please Spread the LOVE and LIGHT..................