Lockerbie: If not Megrahi, then who?

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The Independent - James Cusick, 12/16/13


Colossal wreck: 270 people died when Pan-Am 103 crashed near the Scottish town of Lockerbie

After 25 years of denials and diplomatic games, we're yet to learn the truth about the Lockerbie bombing.

It's sometimes said in Scotland that you can't escape from the past and, like sand clinging to wet feet, it's carried around as a burden. Just how uncomfortable the burden can be will be evident in important rooms in Edinburgh, London and Washington during the next week or so as governing politicians, distinguished lawyers, high-ranking police officers, intelligence officials and interconnected diplomats continue nearly a quarter of a century of denial and obfuscation. The conversations may be similar because the inconsistent official explanation of how and why a Boeing 747 was blown out of the sky above the Dumfries town of Lockerbie on 21 December 1988 remains a truth too far.