London Olympic closing ceremony fireworks UFO sighting

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Published on Aug 13, 2012 by AussieNews1

An unidentified flying object was seen hovering over the 2012 London Olympics fireworks closing ceremony this evening in London. To me it looks like an aircraft or helicopter, anyway it is still news and any news on the Olympics is good news! a shame it is over.
Credit goes to blackdogshow for this video




UFO over closing Olympics

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It's hard to tell. Could be a helicopter. Doesn't look like a plane!

I found it very funny that Goodyear said they had the Blimp flying over the opening ceremony......right into the path of gigantic fireworks!!

Would that not be just a LITTLE more than dangerous!!,
Remember The Hindenberg?

I thnk that was a really stupid thing for the folks at Goodyear To say!

After the Hindenberg they

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After the Hindenberg they pretty much stopped using hydrogen and started using non-flammable helium in the balloons.

This object looks like it's got flashing safety lights, though I can't tell for sure what it is, so it's technically an unidentified flying object.