Love each other unconditionally ~ Hederon from Venus through Isabel Henn

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 October 02, 2012



I am Hederon and want to speak to you again today. Our planet Venus is, as you all know, very close to Earth. Close, put in relation to the rest of the solar system and the universe. As a member of the High Council of Venus I speak today to pay tribute to the enormous achievements that you have accomplished alone in this your Earth year.

Starting this millennium, more and more light on the earth has been established, but this year it has increased in an unprecedented form and it is very much visible. You had to have previously clear understanding of where this little blue planet is in this solar system and the galaxy, you can see it now everywhere in this galaxy. This is to give thanks to the many – and their number is a growing swarm – lightworkers, lightbearer and wayshowers who tirelessly, sometimes without knowing it, have reinforced their own light, and ignited many sparks in other people, these find and ignite in turn the sparks in other people .

This is a revolution, but a very peaceful revolution of love. We are watching this closely, because as a planet of love and your sister planet, it is very interesting for us. Of course, we help you because we love you and it is our honor to promote and support your evolution towards a galactic society.

Like many other societies, we also send our love to you. Love is a strange but very effective power, which nobody can resist ultimately. Unconditional love will eventually melt even a heart of stone like butter in the sun. Who can escape the love of Prime Creator? Even the dark side will not be able to escape it forever. They can hide for a while, but as it spreads further and further in the universe and eliminate all shadows, so will the love of Prime Creator find also the souls of the dark side and ignite the spark. It is inevitable.

You dear ones can help by sending your love and light to the cabals, Illuminati or whatever you want to call them. Forgive them what they have done. They were the catalyst for your own evolution. They have demonstrated to you in your duality the difference between light and shadow, between “good” and “evil”, so you could grow. They too are creatures of All-that-is and earn your love. Yes, they deserve, even if many of you can not believe and understand that. When you consider, however, that they have accelerated your development and have aroused the will to live peacefully together, the desire for peace and a better fair life, you will understand. Has not Jesus spoken to you of it, that you shall love your enemies? Those were great words, but in many hitherto remained unheard. So love your enemies, forgive them and help them back to Prime Creator with your unconditional love. This is my message for today. Love each other unconditionally, just as you are loved unconditionally by other beings of higher dimensions.

I am Hederon, Member of the High Council of Venus and send you my love and the love of the people of Venus, the planet of love.

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