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Real Lightworkers, the Moment is Now!



So many of those who consider themselves Lightworkers are currently holding themselves back. So many watch all the negativity and conflict around them and do very little or nothing to stop it. This isn't working, Lightworkers aren't here to avoid these problems. Light doesn't shy away from the darkness, Light shines upon it until there isn't anymore darkness.

Currently, many of those who spread the Light appear to be standing alone. They shine their Light even though people attack them, while so many other “Lightworkers” just sit back and watch. Many are afraid to stick their neck out, afraid they don't have what it takes to stand up against ignorance. Especially, they're afraid of facing what's inside of themselves. If you never even make an effort, you've already defeated yourself. This is even worse than failing. Those who fail at least have the opportunity to realize why they failed, move beyond it, and step up to the plate again. Failure is really only failure if you give up. Otherwise it's an opportunity for evolution and bettering oneself. In Reality, failure is only an illusion, each “failure” is really a doorway to higher consciousness, if one is paying attention.

Another way Lightworkers hold themselves back is in thinking it's their responsibility to save other people. This causes all sorts of problems. People think the weight of the world lies upon their shoulders. They're given Jesus as a role model and told they're supposed to be like him even though he's better than everyone and nobody can ever be like him. People are taught that Jesus saved the world, though if Jesus really saved the world, how could it possibly be in the state it's in now? Jesus saved himself, he found his Light within and let it shine for everyone to see. This helped many others lift themselves up out of the darkness. He helped to clear the path. He made it easier for others to walk it, but he didn't walk it for them. He taught that the Kingdom of Heaven is within you, not that it's coming to save you. Look within to save yourself and since the Kingdom of Heaven is already there, do you really need to be saved? Or just to step out of illusion?

You can't do this for another person. Thinking you can is the root of so many control issues, so many miserable co-dependent relationships. People lose themselves in trying to save others, which only drags both of them down. You have no control over another, everyone is already Free, aware of this fact or not. Trying to save someone else is trying to control them, plain and simple. The person to be saved either resists the control, which usually breeds resentment and guilt in both people, or allows the control, which creates a dependent relationship. This resistance can be seen in all the fighting Lightworkers do amongst themselves. The dependency can be seen clearly between governments and their citizens.

Now, this piece is about Lightworkers speaking out and spreading their Light, why did I mention it's not your responsibility to save others? Because this is one of the enormous burdens Lightworkers carry. Of course it's going to be quite intimidating to spread your Light when you believe it's your job to save the world. If you really want to be a Lightworker, lighten your load. Free yourself from all that baggage first. You can't help a drowning person when you're drowning yourself. First pull yourself out of the muck, then you're free to help others. Remember that you can give them a hand, but you can't save them. They're already Divine Beings and just need a little help remembering this. Some people are still so afraid they think they're safer in illusion, but that's their choice, not your's.

When you see people saying things that speaks to the Truth inside of you, speak up! Gather together, organize, contact each other and work together. Nobody's here on a solo mission, and it's so much easier to move forward as One. Separation only makes things extremely difficult. The only way all the conflict can exist is people tolerating it. If people started speaking up, started calling each other on all the negativity, it wouldn't be there anymore. The negative ones would either lighten up or leave. Darkness can't exist where there's Light.

Do you consider yourself a Lightworker? If so, do you really spread your Light freely, do you hold it back, or do you go after others who spread their Light? There's a reason this planet has Lightworkers on it, it's because most people are still within darkness. Darkness is resistance to the Light and it's the Light's job to stop putting up with this. If you're really spreading Light you'll be met with resistance. People will accuse you of spreading conflict when you're really just pointing out that it's already there. The ignorant ones want to blame anybody but themselves. Your friends and family may even turn against you, but if you really Love them, you'll keep shining your Light. If you dim your Light in front of darkness, you only feed into ignorance, which is the darkness. Truth is the only way out of ignorance and usually that takes what is called Ruthless Compassion. Ignorance will hate you for it until it's not ignorance anymore. Lightworkers are here to Awaken Humanity, how do they expect to do this other than shining their Light? Darkness is here only because so many still feed into it, it's still the norm. It only takes a few people at first to Ignite the Fire. Then more and more people start speaking out and refuse to put up with ignorance. Ignorance is fear, weakness and illusion, it needs constant outside reinforcement. It can't exist in a place people refuse to put up with it.

Many people think it's mean to point out ignorance in another. This is because they're afraid of seeing it in themselves and project this fear onto others. It's not mean at all, it's like a doctor pointing out a tumor in a patient. The tumor usually doesn't offend the pride of the patient, like pointing out ignorance does, but they both need to be acknowledged before healing takes place. Most people are only ignoring their own ignorance. Lightworkers who overlook ignorance in themselves or others aren't really Lightworkers at all. Ignorance is the darkness, it's denial of Reality, refusing to see what's really going on. The way to go beyond ignorance is to stop ignoring it, then it's not there anymore. Currently, the Lightworker communities often create an environment that allows or even promotes ignorance. The only way beyond this is to create a space that doesn't tolerate ignorance. Ignorance is intolerance, it refuses to see anything outside of it's illusion. If you really want to spread tolerance, don't put up with ignorance for a moment. Call it out, don't shy away from it, and certainly don't ignore it.

We all share the responsibility of healing the Planet. You are a part of the Planet, so your first responsibility is to heal yourself. Find your Light within and share it with everyone. The ball is already rolling, the Moment is Now. You can assist, and help bring Joy and Love to yourself and others. Or you can sit back and do nothing, which just helps hold ignorance in place. Ignorance is flawed to it's very core (in fact it doesn't exist, it only denies what does exist), it can't stand up against Reality. It can only deny that Reality is there. If you aren't Present, then you're still within ignorance. Presence is direct experience of Reality, ignorance ignores what's happening Now and believes the past/future are more important. Be very honest with yourself about what you're telling yourself. Some people will read this and just see hypocrisy in my words. This is a trick ignorance uses to keep people from looking inside themselves.

When you see people being nasty and negative, say something. The reason they are that way in the first place is because other people put up with it. Don't dim your Light around intolerance, shine your Light even brighter! This is how to spread the Light, this is what Lightworkers are here for. People want to tiptoe around each other's egos because they're afraid of facing their own. This has gone on for thousands of years and it's only promoted more fear, separation and ignorance. The old paradigms have proven they don't work, the only thing that keeps them in place is ignorance of this fact. Now is the Moment to move forward and it begins within All of Us. Don't wait around for someone else, we are the ones we've been waiting for.

Love from Mother and FatherGod and the Kingdom of Heaven, Present within the manifest. Heaven is already Here, on Planet Earth=Heart. Love is already Here, within you. Everything is found Here in the Present, when one can finally let go of the past.





Real Light Workers - The Moment is Now!

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Thanks so much for saying this.  What we are going through IS the ascension process.  Waiting for 2013, the other side of this global challenge, and expecting something miraculous will have delivered us from it all into a perfect world, is silly.  We have the perfect opportunity for growth in front of us, but if we do not participate in the growing process, then we get left behind.  Waiting for more evidence that we need to participate in our sovereignty is denial to what is going on right now, in the present, within and without.  It will take courage, for sure, to FACE reality, but if we want to experience a better world, we are going to have to show up for the work.  Thanks again.