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I have wondered what it would be like to AWAKEN? The Thoughts of AWAKENING, who receives them? Are there THOUGHTS in AWAKENING?

AWAKENING hummmmm, even more "?" Life is already AWAKENING. See, that's a Thought. I do know who wrote it down, I am watching the writing happen NOW. AWAKENING, ah, life is the experience of AWAKENING. Every moment is a lesson of PRESENT-NESS. Within me there is that happening. Where do I find me, for in the finding, I am the me looking. I look within for everything creation has to offer and the bounty is DIVINE.

The wise are the most simple be cause they have found the all in simplicity. The frantic is just energy expressing energy in a different way. Energy and Consciousness are one and the same ENERGY FLOWS or FLOATS. Choose one, lol.


Life is a MULTI + DIMENSIONAL THOUGHT. LIVING life is a QUANTUM experience. Where can you find this? Who is living the ONE Alive?

I am just a SCRIBE of Thought, I write as the thought happens. The Thoughts are just energy I translate into written words. Am I a good translator? Lol

I have been given a life to live. I live it, simply. The illusion is just energy too, I live in my life, as my life. The sharing of Thought is just a gift from Creation to you. Enjoy the gift, learning happens, that is the GIFT of NOW.

Unlimited Thought is a living quantum moment and there you are.

Yep, Thought sharing, what a concept. Lol

Of course, the Thoughts given to me most don't have access to, it's a need to know thing.

When Planet Earth gets Galactic Government, things will return to civilization very fast. Everything the ignorant took for their own selfish ends gets given back, and Civilization will prosper again.

We are the Advanced team to share the information, WE ARE ALREADY HERE, and LOVE IS PRESENT EVERYWHERE.