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I am Jesus. It is an honor and a joy to be here today to speak to all of humanity. You are truly my beloved and I love you all so very much.

This is such an important time on the planet earth. So many human beings are feeling this great energy of compassion and love. This is truly the energy of Mother and Father God and the All That Is. There are so many human beings who are beginning to question their belief and what they perceive to be true. They are beginning to see the distorted perception they have created on the planet earth. This distortion of perception has been created through judgment. There are many human beings who have judged themselves so severely that it will be very difficult for them to see the true reality and to feel the energy of change. You see, it has been through the judgment  of yourselves that you have created all that has happened on the planet earth. It is time now for you to experience through compassion and love. As you have been told compassion and love is the new way and the true way. It is through compassion that you will see things much more clearly. The perceptions you have had of yourselves in the past are beginning to disintegrate and as these perceptions disintegrate the true reality will begin to shine through. You will see that no longer will you have to experience through pain and suffering for those experiences will no longer serve you. It is now becoming possible for you to experience through peace, joy, happiness, prosperity, abundance, and love. This is happening because of the great amount of energy that is being poured upon the planet earth from those in Spirit.

In the days and months ahead, this great change that is coming about will become more and more predominate on earth. This is all bringing about a great change in consciousness on earth. This change in consciousness will eventually bring about no more judgment. We have told you so many times that it is through compassion that you can more clearly see. Judgment has always clouded your consciousness and it has brought about the lower vibrational energy that is prevalent on earth today. Starting now the energy of earth, the energy of humanity is beginning to raise. This is due in fact to many of you who are growing in your consciousness. Consciousness itself is not an energy but it does help to raise your vibrational energy and the vibrational energy of earth itself. For many years human beings have learned new ways to harm Mother Gaia and to harm earth itself. It is now time to undo all of this harm that you have created and to bring Gaia back to her pristine beauty that she originally had. For many this will mean a change in their priorities. Their one and true priority should have always been to take care of Gaia for Gaia will always take care of you. This means that you will have to change your intention and it is through this change of intention that all wonderful things will come about.

This change that is coming about can come about painlessly if you truly believe that you can create your wishes and desires. This is all it simply takes. Just believe and you will create it. So many of you still believe that others control and create your destiny for you. This is not true and it never has been true. You are the true creators of your experiences and you are the true creators of your destiny. No one but you controls this. When you truly find peace within yourself you can then help others to find that same peace within themselves. This is how you create peace on earth for all things start from within you. All of the answers to all of the questions you have had, are having, or will have are right there within you. All you simply have to do is ask the questions and listen for the answers. Within you is the knowledge of the great love that you are. Each and everyone of you is a Divine Being and you are here on earth incarnate growing in your divinity. As you grow in your divinity try to help others to grow in their divinity also. This is the will of Mother and Father God for all to grow in their divinity.

We see so many human beings reawakening to who they truly are and reawakening to their Soul and Spirit. The light that is shining forth from humanity is so much brighter now than it was a short time ago. This light continues to become more and more brighter every day. This is what growing in your divinity is, growing as the Love~Light that you are. Growing as the great energy that you are and the great love that you are. I am asking each and everyone of you today to open your hearts to the fact that you do have a greater intelligence than then that of the mind. This greater intelligence is the greater intelligence of your heart and this the intelligence that I ask you to open up to today. The greater intelligence of your heart will always tell you the truth. It is through the greater intelligence of your heart that you will find the answers to the questions you are asking. You will find the path that you are seeking and the door that you knock upon will open. This is what you have been asking for and this is what you shall receive. So many of you feel this wind of change that is blowing ever so gently upon you now. This wind of change is causing many of you to look upon things on earth in a new and wonderful way. You are beginning to see the great beauty that is within you and all around you. This causes great celebration on the Other Side for we have always seen this great beauty. Please open your eyes, see things through innocent perception, and be the child that you truly are.

We in Spirit are truly with you every day. We walk with you, we talk with you, for we are with you. Bring Spirit into your consciousness and you will know this to be true. You are never alone for we are always with you. We will always help you and guide you in every way that we possibly can. We in Spirit have the greatest love and respect for every human being. As you move forward on your path remember that we walk this path with you and that we love you so very much.

I thank you for this great honor and this great opportunity to be here with you today. You are my beloved and I love you. I am Jesus.