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The Light of freedom through love and the darkness of control through fear is currently being played out through the "free will" of the people on Earth.

For each moment we breathe in a breath of air we are making a choice. For each thought or emotion we allow to be put forth into action we are making a choice. For each pattern of fear and Self dis-empowerment we allow to exist within us we are making a choice. For each belief we hold onto that separates us from our true Divine Self of All One, we are making a choice. All is choice and all people on Earth have free will. Our mind will want to judge these words and come up with scenarios and thoughts that limit these truths from being fully understood and yet again this is a choice.

Personally over the last few years I have been sharing all kinds of different information that relates to expanding Self awareness, empowerment and realization. I have seen the judgments and fears that these words have brought out in people. I view this as a good thing, because I know that it has to be brought out in order for people to move past it. So now that I have said this (smile) I would like to touch on a subject that most of us have been hearing about on a daily basis and that is the control system and government. Every week now there are more laws and regulations being passed and implemented that limit the freedoms of the people. The people have been conditioned to take sides and blame another political party or group for the issues at hand. However what most people do not realize or choose not to realize is that there is a control system in place that goes beyond any political party. This system knows that with the separation of the people/souls they have MORE control. This system for which I speak fuels the separation of the people with fear. It is really a simple process. If more control is needed just create more fear and separation and the people then will look to a higher power to take care of them. When the majority of the news services are governed by this control system what other information do the people have to see beyond it? I know there are many who will say "I don't believe this" and or "Unity of the people will never happen" and I say this is fine. We all have a choice and that is exactly why I am writing this information, to give people a CHOICE. If a person takes the time to research and expand their awareness of this information and the control system "without fear" the truth about it all will be seen.

A long time ago the following statement came to me and repeatedly would remind myself of it. "There is no way to completely understand something if you have fear of it." In order to completely understand something you cannot have fear of it, for it is the fear that blinds you. If your religious beliefs, inner fears and separation from others are let go of, the truth is more easily understood, for it is the beliefs, fears and separation that creates the illusion from fully comprehending the truth of All One!

So now getting back to the choices! The conscious state of our being that looks outside of itself for someone else to take care of it could be described as "victim consciousness". I am a victim and therefore someone has to come take care of me! As I have stated in the past, as long as someone looks outside of themselves for someone/something to take care of them there will always be someone/something there to take this power. It is the choice of the individual soul to stand up through their own Self empowerment out of this control to see they are the Creator of their own life experience. No one can do this for another, every soul has free will. There are many tools available such as Shamballa that assists in expanding Self awareness and empowerment but it all comes down to each person's willingness to become more Self aware. The love that pours out from the soul has to be chosen and the choices by the ego mind has to be let go of in order to see beyond the illusion of control.

Awareness and knowledge without fear = freedom = more love and Self awareness of All One. What name you give to this "All One" is up to each soul. No beliefs are needed, for it is the beliefs that creates the separation. If you wish to give your power away to anything, give it to the expanded level of your own Self of All One. To the power of your own IAM Self and God Self of Being.

The more people/souls that stand up out of their seats from watching TV and join together in a united effort to bring forth love without conditions. The sooner we will have peace, balance and harmony within our societies. Each individual has the choice to stand up and speak the words of Unity. This means focusing on Unity and love within our daily lives and with our friends, loved ones, co-workers, neighbors and viewed enemies. Together we can make the choice of living in peace and harmony. The sooner this happens the sooner these choices and collective efforts will begin being reflected within the local communities and regions. There is no need to look to others to lead this effort of Unity for each individual has a role to play in bringing Unity forth. All barriers and fears have to be let go of for this is the old system of control. Unity will come with the efforts of more and more people making and living the choice of love without conditions. To all people no matter what color of Light or what frequency of being they are. It is up to each individual to take the step into the Unity conscious way of Being. Share the love and Unite! It is through our United efforts of being that the systems of control will be dissolved and all will be able to live in harmony and peace.

No need to believe my words, open you heart and experience the truth for yourself.

Love all, serve all!

Infinite love,