~Love Reporter Karen Bishop~ June 30, 2011~The Energies Have Kicked in~

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~Love Reporter

June 30, 2011


Greetings everyone!

The energies have really kicked in of late and are creating
massive amounts of movement within. Symptoms? You may feel
like crying for no apparent reason, have a racing heart,
shortness of breath, difficulty sleeping, and feel short-tempered.
You may feel like you are losing it, feel acutely overwhelmed,
or even as though no one is remotely making any sense.

Hectic, hectic, hectic, and busy, busy, busy are results of
this fast moving energy which pushes most of everything in
its path along at a very steady and rapid pace. We absolutely
cannot keep up with the rapid creations now, and hence, may
continually feel overloaded. Add to this the pushing of the
energies themselves, and head pressure, neck stiffness, and
overall PRESSURE all around are common results.

People we encounter may cut us off abruptly with a need to
move away (not a very high level response with connection and unity
the desired reality! --- creating even more confusion and sad
hearts!), or continue to ramble on about their personal
situations with a near hysteria at the core, if even
so subtly (can't blame them...this energy is intense!)

In weeks past, we were busy, busy, busy as we were preparing
our new spaces...making our new beds to lie in for times to
come. With a seeming endless supply if energy at our disposal,
that old exhaustion suddenly went dormant. We had a lot to do!
As soon as enough of us get settled in (or really, so
many things now are working in tandem with no real linear time-
line), then the intense pushing energy will begin to push out
even more of the old. This latest round of pushing energy has now
arrived, but expect these waves to come and go for quite some
time. What is now left is so very minute, that
pushing and cleansing are the foremost methods now of preparing
for the arrival of the new energy.

In this way, personal cleansings are also hitting hard, along
with earth cleansings as the process continues. And lets not
forget that old familiar heat and burning we may at times feel
within, as the old literally burns itself out of our systems.
Sore feel and painful lower extremities can also flare up
from time to time, as we continue to ground into a new earth
that is forming before our eyes. Phew! We may never get a
break! And we may still feel strangely uncomfortable and mis-
placed, like there is absolutely nowhere left to go that feels
remotely right and fitting. "I just want to feel normal!" we
may declare to the universe, but a new norm is beginning its
entrance, and things will never again be the same (because.....
ahem....they will be better!)

Because these pushing energies are doing their job of moving
out the old, we may also feel just plain awful for no apparent
reason. Like we are turning inside out, we may emotionally
(and physically)feel....UGH! And just ICKY...and not know
why. We may not be able to get comfortable anywhere as well,
as none of our old tried and true remedies seem to do the
trick like they used to. Sigh....what a long journey it has
been! But we have been waiting for this upheaval for a very
long time, and things are finally moving in divine and perfect

When the pushing waves cease, then our new spaces become the
predominant energies, and these new experiences and spaces
can feel pretty darn good now. The hearts are finally
connecting and the heart energy is most assuredly moving
its way in.

My website is basically complete now...we are just waiting
for the first book shipment to arrive at the fulfillment
warehouse. Book should be ready to order immediately following
the 4th of July holiday here in the US. Thank you for your
interest and patience.

Have a wonderful week-end!

Much love to you all,

Karen Bishop