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This is a message I had received from SaLuSa on the 22d June, to my great surprise shall I add.

Love and light, Laura

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JUNE 23, 2011
by Malps
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Ok, I know how this will sound to some people… but here we go, I have to do this! I don’t have a choice..

I was feeling a little low this morning and also disappointed of course. SaLuSa came and talked to me through telepathy. It is not the first time this happens to me with Galactics. I did not want to talk about it, but it appears I have no choice but share this with everbody.

I had a strong connection with SaLuSa while reading his message today. He kindda does that sometimes with important things with me
His words were along these lines
“..minor delay, and he feel sorry for disappointment.. But was necessary, just some diversion or some kind of test.. we cannot come on your planet yet, because your vibrations are still too low and we can only go so low in vibrations.. if we go lower, it would interfere with your ascension process. and it could be dangerous for everybody..including our crews.. We will be with you when you expect it the least. Yesterday was a trial run, it helped us see things clearer. We will be with you shortly. We love you all unconditionally, so it is ok to feel fear, doubt right now. We hope that you will all rise your vibrations so that we can meet when the time is right”

As a comment, he is very upset of disappointments his sees.. and very sorry…
Another feeling I got from him is that an unexpected thing had happened, something minor, no real concern, but it had to be looked into and delayed everything.
Also they did not feel welcome because military presence perhaps. That part is my own interpretation of the impressions I have received from him. When they sense us in fear or that they are not welcome, they just withdraw..
Also they all feel us down today and it affects them too…

Not sure how accurate this “translation” or “interpretation” is. They convey feelings, emotions, images, pure energetic thoughts. Not easy to transfer in 3D.. Wow!! I don’t know how Mike does it!!

Good night everbody



Ya But !

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They could come down and visit Eisenhower in 53 and shoot the breeze ! They can talk and chit chat with the Dark Cabal ! Hundreds if Not thousands of Greys work along side Humans at Los Alomas and area 51 ... Vibrations are just fine for that ...Come on already ..Enough Lip Service ..Bring it on Already ..The Military ,,Salusa has Technology to stop Nukes and all kinds of Weapons from firing ! Some Major Exageration goin on Here !! Too Bad ..Ppl are Giving Up ! To Many Excuses !

Yes exactly - Too Bad ..Ppl are Giving Up ! To Many Excuses !

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I really dont know what you expected from all that New Age Ascension thing. People escape classic religions only to be trapped in more sophisticated version of trap, believing its the real thing. Do some research for yourself !!! Word Ascension (between densities) was used for first time in second part of last century. Why there is no mention of that before in history? It is used to make you compromise, to accept pain and sufering for some supposed evolutionary evolvement. To accept karma and all bad things. And you dont have to do that.


The ultimate truth is – we are hostages in cosmic PRISON. All densities and levels of any kind are part of that prison. They are playing with you, with false Ascension promises, laughing how easy it was to fool you.

The real solution is to escape outside of all densities, once and for all.

Find out all in details on www.xeeatwelve.com

What prison? Life isn't a

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What prison? Life isn't a prison, if it looks that way there's a problem with your mind, not the Universe.

I'm getting pretty frustrated

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I'm getting pretty frustrated with all these claims of coming this time, oh no, it couldn't happen because of this, so we'll come at this time, nope that can't happen either because of something that prevented us.  It's all lip service and excuse after excuse.  Yes it is very dissapointing and frustrating.  Oh, just a reminder to the writer of this article, you sure didn't have to share anything if you didn't want to, it's called free will, something the Galactics stress.  Is that not being honored with you?  They come when they come, and if they don't come they don't come.  I'm done eating the carrots being put in my face.  Stop the promises and claims.  It's rather disheartening.  About the vibes being too low, in previous "messages" from them, they have said we are doing so well, and now this?  Another thing, what's will all the mass contradictions?  They are everywhere.  All it does is confuse, cause fear and makes this stuff look like made up lies.  Perhaps these people aren't channeling at all, just pulling it all outta their a**es.  Or perhaps they are speaking to imposters.  Whatever.  I'm off this train ride.