Love is Who We Are~ Caroline Aguiar

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By Caroline Aguiar

I feel as if Love is urging me to go within as much as possible these days.  Frequent memory lapses occur almost every day, like walking into the grocery store only to discover I have no idea why I’m there.

Today, I’ve driven to the store 3 times within two hours, and each trip I’ve made, I’ve forgotten something else we needed at home, not to mention where I was going, and every time, although, I felt myself driving, I also felt there was another part of me that was somewhere else.

So what could I possibly be thinking about during all these trips to the market, and back?   Love.  I feel as if I breathe, and live, Love.  I’m understanding now this is what sustains my existence.   Love is around me at all times, and I keep thinking to myself, Why didn’t I see this before?

For some reason the need to go within is very strong today, and I have a feeling this will only increase as the weeks, and months go by.  How I wrote this post today is beyond me. I can’t seem to concentrate on anything, much less make a grocery list.  All I do is stare at the blank paper in front of me while consciously, I feel myself standing at the kitchen counter, yet I know, I’m somewhere else.

If we trust, and allow the universe, our guides, and angels to work with us, we will soon see miracles occur right before our eyes. I kid you not.  With utmost sincerity I can whole heartedly tell you, this is the truth.

We are constantly surrounded by Love.  In fact, we are Love. Take a look in the mirror, or go within to the deepest part of your being because it’s there you will discover what you’re really made of; the most beautiful Love you could ever imagine, which is in fact, the real You.

When we allow worry, fear, or our lack of self value to creep into our consciousness, we are inviting illusion, and duality as well.  We become illusion.  It consumes us to a point where we lose sight of who we are.

I chose to surround myself with love.  No better yet, I chose to BE love.  Afterall, this is who I am, and no, I’m not scared to say it.

Love is who we all are, and this is absolute truth.