Mary Magdalene

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Mary Magdalene, one of the Queens of the Universe, has been on Earth in the flesh and she let everyone know all of the important things for transforming into the 4th Dimension.

She has all of her writings, audio books, e-books and paperback books available through her website:

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Everyone on Earth will transform into the 4th in 2039 and 2040. Fact.

A person's enlightenment level at that time of 2039 - 2040 will effect which place in the 4th Dimension that that individual will go in the 4th Dimension.

The 4th Dimension is not here in the 3rd Dimension.

An analogy could be made that Reality is a bit like a cut diamond. The 3rd Dimension is on one facet of the cut diamond. The 4th Dimension is on another facet of the cut diamond.

The 4th Dimension is a different place than the 3rd Dimension - it is a completely different place.

All of Mary Magdalene's books, training, recording and music recordings is the training and listening needed to help a person go as high as they can go. 

A person's enlightenment level completely depends upon the individual doing the enlightenment work. It can only be done by the individual for her/his self. 

Joe Barnett
husband of
Dr. Angela Barnett who is the soul of Mary Magdalene
Dr. Angela Barnett is Mary Magdalene here in the flesh