~Master Hilarion: WE ARE Dismantling the Vibrational Field that has Kept Humanity Imprisoned~July 10~17, 2011

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~Master Hilarion: WE ARE Dismantling the Vibrational Field that has Kept Humanity Imprisoned~July 10~17, 2011






Beloved Ones,

As the frequency of the new energies increases in intensity, many people upon the Planet are feeling various emotions, ranging from great joy to great sorrows, regrets and feelings of loss and pain. These feelings are not only those that have been deeply held within each Soul since early childhood. Beloved Ones, these feelings are all part of the collective consciousness or rather, unconsciousness, that has been gathered as a field of energy that surrounds the Planet. This is held to the Planet as a vibrational field that has kept Humanity imprisoned within this field for millennia.

As the months continue, your Light is working to dismantle this field of energy and the more that you all unite in deliberate focus, the greater the impact upon this field is made. The most powerful of days occurs on November 11, 2011 and this will be an exceptional opportunity to shatter that field of energy and set Humanity free from the oppression of this limiting field of thought forms that have kept all upon this World in a constant state of oppositional forces from within that have been extremely difficult to transcend.

By your united willingness to add your Light and energy during these times for the remainder of this year of 2011, you are being the change that you have wished to see in the World. It is time, Dear Ones, the time is Now. Make every minute count for the Divine within you. Choose to create blessings of Love and healing to each member of your immediate family and to your greater Family who are manifest upon the Earth in these challenging and transforming times, never before experienced in this way. Each moment contains vast universes of possibilities, for the higher dimensions are now superimposed with the lower and there is a gamut of seeming chaos at work.

It only means the Light has come and as it sweeps the atmosphere of your World, inner changes are occurring within the hearts and souls of Humanity in all corners of the Planet. These changes are initially felt as intensely difficult, especially for those who are not used to processing and observing their inner dynamics such as our more seasoned Lightworkers. It is a very difficult process to be willing to honestly look within and see the parts of oneself that are not anchored in the Divine and then be willing to do the work to make the course corrections that need to be made in order to align further with the Divine within.

You, our Beloved Lightworkers and Awakened Ones, have been in this process unrelentingly and continuously for most of your lives. All that you have endured in your personal lives which has always seemed as though you were swimming against the current in its impact, has now brought you to this point and here you are, co-creating a new World and a new way of Being. From this point on, depending on your choices, your efforts will become easier and more filled with feelings of joy, of grace and ease within. For you are One with the Angelic realm, One with All That Is and your work now moves forward into achieving greater wholeness from within and consequently, greater achievements will be made in the overall higher perspective of this World and out into the Universes.

Keep your anchor in the Divine, Dear Ones, and if you find yourselves taking a step backwards at times, be immediately forgiving of your humanness as you transform within your physical bodies, your mental bodies, your emotional bodies, for it is all a learning and expanding experience and you are all greatly admired for your bravery, resoluteness and courage. Remember that you are each loved beyond measure and that you are much needed during these changing times.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion