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This Gemini New Moon is a very important New Moon…. one that can bring opportunities or setbacks, in all types of Relationships and Communications…on many levels.  

Gemini is about information and communication and how communications…especially with the virus going on and all the different opinions and information coming out….seems to be so chaotic right now.  Sprinkled with a little anger, angst, and division (New Moon square Mars)……that at times you just want to go inward and to a place where you can feel peace, love, and calmness.  It is an amazing time we are living in right now.  With the New Moon’s square to Mars (the warrior energy on the gray side)….and the fact that we have 5 planets retrograde (which means that it is a time to go inward and think, meditate, and internalize)…you can definitely feel the duality at this New Gemini Moon…. and it is our mission to figure out what we want to keep and what we want to discard in our lives.  Which part of this energy are you going let fall away and what part are you going to move towards?  Trying to find some solid ground to stand on is a bit of a mission within itself at this time in our history.


I find it quite interesting that the President of the U.S. was involved in some major “talks/meetings” with foreign countries and dignities…. during the energies of the Gemini New Moon.  But then again… this is Gemini…seeing both sides of all communications.  Gemini is about duality….and how that can play out and how to ask the questions that needs to be asked so that one can see both sides of the  issue and come up with a common sense solution. And at this challenging Gemini New Moon…communication and how you present it and how you respond to it…is of up most importance!!   


Actually the energy of this Gemini New Moon feels a bit Chaotic and quit transformative…..and there really isn’t any way out….except going through!  With Mercury ruling this New Moon and also in Gemini and conjunct Venus (which is Love, creativity, money)….most changes and encounters will come through communication and relationships of all kinds.  Something does feel different about communication at this time…maybe it is about the massive ways that communicating has become not only our own communicating but World Wide communicating coming to us through TV, radio, on line, internet, twiter, facebook etc. etc.,  and not all of it is things we agree with….and we don’t always agree with how it is presented.  We are learning with this Gemini New Moon and the Gemini Energies of the Sun…that we need to see both sides of all communications and we need to listen and feel what the truth is…not what we are being told is the truth…but what is our body, Soul, and Heart saying is the Truth!  Duality….both sides of all Communication and information….that is what this Gemini New Moon is about!


Change is coming and we can sense it…..we can see it…..we can feel it!!


NEW MOONS bring new beginnings.  New Moons are also the most spiritual and intuitive moons of the whole Lunar cycle. They are the Moons that bring in the Magic of creating and manifesting…. and they also allow you to feel the Magic in the connection to “all there is” as you sit outside in the darkness of the New Moon.   It is a wonderful time to manifest, meditate and create!  Each New Moon brings with it a down load of evolutionary energies to give us the knowledge to create a beautiful future. The New Moon energy is all around you, while also being inside of you…..feel it?   Sit in quiet and just Feel it!  It’s Magical!  It is also a time of setting intentions….visualizing them…creating them…manifesting them.   Mediate on what it is that you would like to manifest in your life and in the World, and set the intention during this powerful New Moon.


ON THE HIGH SIDE OF GEMINI, is learning about the Twins….dualism within your life, your reality.  It is about the co-existence of both Spirit and Matter.  Learning to stay in the physical, while absorbing the highest Spiritual knowledge.   Gemini is often referred to as the bridge between Spirit and Matter. Bringing the information of knowledge that Gemini has collected from the Spiritual side, back to the physical plane.  Gemini….the Twins, is about the acknowledgment of being able to exist in at least two worlds at once…bringing them into balance.  This Gemini New Moon is asking us to meditate on and manifest this balance between the Spiritual world and the physical world, accenting the major theme of balance…..between the feminine and the male, the right brain and the left brain, the yin and yang, intuition and logic, and Spirit and Matter.


THIS GEMINI ENERGY can also be a little more uplifting…. fun, and child like. Gemini is about communication, teaching, sharing information, writing, multitasking….with a hunger for gathering knowledge.  With Gemini there is focus on mental stimulation.  Gemini is also about youth and the Peter Pan syndrome (never wanting to grow up).  Gemini energy has the enthusiasm to explore many areas of knowledge, and Gemini’s are often part of several social networking groups. Gemini’s are often referred to as “workshop junkie’s”…and the knowledge and energy they receive from these “workshops”…they excitedly share with others.  This energy can be flighty, excitable, flirty, and restless…..along with being known as the “Social Butterfly’s” of the Zodiac. 


One of the more fun aspects of Gemini energy… is its infinite curiosity and ability to shape-shift and explore. The shadow of this however, is to dissipate one’s energy in misguided or fruitless pursuits… along with being stuck in chatter, chatter, chatter ….and never really talking about anything of substance or too much multitasking… and not accomplishing much of anything.  


With a New Moon in Gemini, we are reminded that in everything there is the light and dark. 

Bringing them into balance and merging into one is the ultimate goal. When we look at the shadow side, it can bring up some fear…. some of our “shadows” that we would rather not look at.  Some of these shadows and fears can be…speaking (Gemini) to others about things that are not of Truth, or things that are “surface” without any real depth.   Also the chatter of Gemini can at times end in gossip …..where you find yourself talking without really thinking how it is effecting others.  Again…navigate away from the gray side of Gemini. It is time to bring into balance your gray (shadow) side with your high bright side in all the Gemini ways.  Meditate and pay attention to what is being brought up for you…..what you might be hearing…..and what visions may cross through your mind.  Meditate….Manifest  and above all at this Gemini New Moon….Listen!!


MERCURY rules this Gemini New Moon.   Mercury is the winged messenger of the Gods and he is quick minded and youthful.   Mercury is like communication on steroids!   Besides communication…Mercury also rules youth, negotiations, quickness, navigation, transactions etc. etc.  With all this quick and flighty energy….take time to internalize and think about what you are saying and how you are communicating.  Mercury is also sitting with Venus which is our Love, creativity, and money and both of them are squaring Neptune! 


NEPTUNE  is a main player at this Gemini New Moon.  Neptune is Squaring Mercury in Gemini (which rules this New Moon)  and it is also Squaring Venus in Gemini and Vesta (where our fires burn the strongest).  Neptune is often referred to as the higher octave of Venus.  Venus is about our Love…romantic Love and things we love dearly.  Neptune is about Angels and guides and unconditional love. This adds another dimension to communications….making sure that you don’t lose touch with reality, but still stay optimistic and intuitive!  The Square brings in some stressful energy with some friction that will help us grow towards the higher energies of this placement.  It is as if the Universe is saying…we need to start moving our Love to a higher plain.  We need to start looking at unconditional Love.  Not Love that has stipulations on it….or has to look a certain way or with certain people etc.  but love that is unconditional…for all!


You may receive many thoughts, ideas and visions during this New Moon… many of them will be created (Pieces/Neptune rules channeled creativity) by your higher self…your higher knowledge…your Soul!  Listen to what you hear…or feel at this time. This aspect is very powerful!! 


So at this Gemini New Moon…. it is also a time to finishing reading (written communication) the books that are sitting on your night stand.  It is time to write that letter, and/or communicate with others in any manner you can.  It is time to speak and share your knowledge… this Gemini New Moon!  Also some of the messages you might receive, can come from the Wisdom of your Elders….both those living right now and those from past lives.  Remember….Listening is part of communication!


THIS NEW MOON ALSO SQUARES MARS AND CERES  both in Pisces.  So with this Gemini New Moon be cautious of outbursts or irritations as Mars can bring those feeling up when communications between people are bringing up differences in knowledge or information.  However Mars is also about passion….so take the passion to the high side…and in Pisces it could be about creativity and also Spiritual.  Ceres is the Mother energy…nurturing of people and also nurturing of the Earth….again in Pisces….Unconditional Love.  Use this aspect to the high side….and stay away from the grayer side…which could lead to conflicts! 


PLUTO/JUPITER/PALLAS ATHENA/ SATURN/ are still traveling together and will be throughout 2020.  This is a powerful conjunction that is very transformative….with a little hard work thrown in.   Pluto…radical transformation towards evolution.  Saturn the father figure…demanding integrity and respect along with the keeper of stability and all structures and ruling Capricorn…Jupiter (higher knowledge, travel, international, optimism)..Pallas Athena (female warrior fought with wisdom)  All sitting in Capricorn which rules the Government, Military, Corporate America (and World Wide), stock market and all our structures.  This group is also squaring Eris who’s energies are those of Chaos, discord, jealousy, competition, Wild Card etc.  forming a Cardinal Square.  This brings in the square energies of Stress and friction which we have been feeling for a while now with this Cardinal Square. 


HOWEVER….The Universe is also wanting us to feel a little harmonious energy as this Gemini New Moon is Trining (an harmonious aspect/energy) our Capricorn Group of Pluto/Jupiter/Pallas Athena/Saturn.  So the New Moon is helping to tame down these energies some and at the same time…all the Capricorn planets are retrograde…which again is an internalization of the energies… a going within.  So a little bit of the stress this group can create…and has going with the square to Eris….is being calmed down some during this Gemini New Moon as the Universe is wanting us to concentrate on our communications….they need adjusted…Big Time!


THIS NEW GEMINI MOON IS ALSO sitting with the cluster of stars known as the Pleiades.  They are a major cluster of stars that the Mayan’s and the Egyptians orientated their temples and their pyramids towards. They also used the Pleiades to make predictions and to communicate with…probably primarily through telepathy. The Pleiades is part of our Ancient Star Systems…and when activated they can bring up memories and/or information that you may have in your DNA.

Meditate on the knowledge that may come to you from this activation of the Ancient Star systems!


THE UNIVERSE IS SAYING  that we need to transform and change the way in which we communicate and share our wisdoms (Gemini). We need to bring in more integrity and respect, when we communicate and above all…we need to think with our Hearts!  And at this Gemini New Moon …we are also supposed to be communicating (Mercury) in a youthful way…with child like intents from our Harts!   Remember that in the big picture here….the Universe is saying….No lies, no secrets, no out of bounds ego (says Pluto/Saturn).   We are all one…no one is better than anyone else!  We all deserve to be loved in the highest way.  The Universe is really wanting us to look at this right now…with this Gemini New Moon. There is no ignoring this…..things are being put right in our faces on so many levels….and we have to deal with them now…as the Universe continues to put us on the path of accelerated evolution!  A bit of Chaos…..will get us motivated to make changes and shift our perspectives….in all forms of communications and relationships.  Remember out of Chaos…comes Creativity.     Again, the Universe is speaking loudly…… we can’t get out of this…..we have to do the work…..and move through it!


LISTEN TO YOUR INNER GUIDANCE  during this time, and ask that you connect with your intuitive side and that you speak from your Heart.  This New Gemini Moon is  bringing up information and knowledge from deep in your Soul!  With the added chaotic energies of things needing to be dealt with Now!   Things you really don’t want to look at or deal with.  The universe is asking us to look at it, think about it, and take a step, any step but acknowledge it (Gemini) so you can work through it.  It can also be a time of sudden insights and new ideas… channel the energies of this Gemini New Moon, welcoming in the higher knowledge…… from all realms…… and then sharing it in the most nurturing and loving way.


Praying for Peace, communicating/Listening, for ourselves, our relationships, all humanity, and the governments all over the World……is of prime importance right now.  With the main energy coming through honest and truthful communication on all levels.…..there will also be a continuation of this being played out in relationships of all kinds and family interactions……and also between governments etc.  


This is combining a lot of energies into one boiling pot.  It is time to make the changes you need to make.  It is time to move forward.  It is time to take a step….any step…..just start moving!   .   Meditate…..Listen to what you hear (Gemini)……Manifest and Create!     Enjoy the Magic…….


These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth.  These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart.


Learn how the energies activate your individual Birth Chart, through an Astrological Reading (my contact information is below).  Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way. 

Feel free to share this update, in its entirety!   AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology © 2020   Cathy Lindsey     All rights reserved.

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