Meditation: Clearing Energies with Archangel Michael: This mediation is also great for removing blocked or stagnant energy in your body, whether it is physical, mental or emotional.

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9 April 2013 – Channelled by Lumire:

Greetings Dear Ones, I am Archangel Michael.

Today I would like to share with you a meditation that can help clear away any negative energies that you might have acquired during the day. This mediation is also great for removing blocked or stagnant energy in your body, whether it is physical, mental or emotional.

♦ Begin by taking a few slow deep breaths in through the nose and out through your mouth, as you do so, feel yourself relaxing more and more, going deeper and deeper with each out breath. When you feel like you have relaxed enough, continue to breathe at a normal pace.

♦ Now imagine breathing in a beautiful white light in through your nose, let the white light fill your lungs with it’s warm energy. As you exhale, let go off any negativity you might be holding, see the stale energy leaving you as you breathe out from your mouth. Continue doing this for a little while, then gradually start bringing in the white light in to the rest of your body, right down to your fingers and the tips of your toes.

♦ As you bring the light into your head feel your worries and stresses disappearing away, let the light enter every cell and atom of your brain, then let it gently spread into all the cells and atoms of your body. When you feel yourself glowing with this brilliant white light, let yourself relax more and more, taking you deeper and deeper into a most peaceful place.

♦ I am with you Dear One during this meditation and I offer you my blue flame of protection and transmutation. This will help you clear away any blocked energies, negative thought forms and any etheric connections to entities and humans that are not for your highest good.

♦ Imagine a bright electric blue light surrounding you, it grows brighter and brighter until it suddenly bursts into flames. The flames can not hurt you, they feel cool and comforting to your senses. Allow the flame to start dissolving any negative energies in your aura, as they start to dissolve they start beginning to be transmuted into light. 

♦ Continue with this until you feel your energy field clear and radiant, when you are ready, bring this flame into your body. It burns up all old, stale and stagnant energies transforming them into light. Now bring the blue flame into your mind and let it change everything into light including all the thoughts and memories that worry you so much. 

♦ When you feel ready, bring your attention to outside of your body and feel any etheric connections you might have to others, they can sometimes look like cords connecting you to other beings. Let the blue flame start to burn away these cords as you let go of any attachments you may be holding on to. Where the cords were connected to you, let a warm soothing light fill in these gaps, freeing you from this forever. 

(If you feel comfortable Dear One, I can assist you with cutting the cords with my sword of truth and also taking any negative entities into light, simply ask me and I will help you. You merely have to imagine it happening in your mind and it will be done.)

♦ Once you feel that it is done, let the blue flame slowly go out, until you are just surrounded by a beautiful blue light. Keep that image of the blue light with you during the day, the blue light has a very calming effect towards you and any people that may be around you. It also has the advantage of protecting from any negative energies that you may encounter during the day, by transmuting it into light once they enter it’s field.

You can also shorten this mediation and use it during the day when you have a few free minutes spare, simply breathe in the white light and breathe out the stale energies, allow yourself to be engulfed in the blue flame letting it transmute any negativity into light. And then finish by surrounding yourself with a beautiful blue light.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this meditation Dear Ones as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you.

With all the Love in my Heart,




Thank you

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Thank you so much for this wonderful meditation. I wonder if there is a cd or audio file I could get to help remember it all.  Many blessings, light and the most brilliant light, Stefie


May peace prevail on Earth.

Hi 14Light Love... Thank you

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Hi 14Light Love... Thank you for your comment.  I agree, this is a beautiful meditation. I am not aware of a video of this particular meditation though. If you have a smart phone or a phone where you can message reminders to yourself, you could read it into your phone and listen to your higher self bringing you into this meditation at any time. Peace, Joy, Abundance, Health and Love to You and to ALL in every present moment of NOW! Love YOU! :) <3