Meditation: Quan Yin's Pink Cocoon of Compassion II + Ablution with Goddess of Victory

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I hope you enjoy
Many Blessings
Esta Lior
This is the 3/3 Gateway Portal Channelling ~ Waves of Bliss
I hope you enjoy
Thank You!!
Esta Lior
Sharing the channellings & audios is permitted with credit & reference to 'nasrin safai'
Peace & Blessings
44:42 mp3
0+ Jim's Introduction: Importance & Significance of March Energies
1:44-2:40 Prayer
Reflecting upon the destruction & devastation for all who have lost their lives & loved ones & homes recently..
2:54 Grounding Meditation
6+ Great Silent Watcher: Turquoise Blue Light Cocoon:
filling & energizing chakras & body-system & 7-star {above & below}
imbued with Protection, Fearlessness & Divine Power
Quan-Yin: Beaming Pure White Light & Activating Energies of Compassion
Physical Body:
Dusty Pink
Cocoon of Vibrant Pink
Cocoon of Fuscia Pink
Cocoon of Golden Pink
{Full Spectrum of Energies of Compassion}
Encased in A Cocoon of Amber Coloured Life Force Energy of Cosmic Mother of the Cosmos
Divine Mother: Copper Gold Light
Goddess of Victory: in 7-directions {in front, behind, right, left, above, below & within}
Pewter Platinum & Lemon Gold
Activating Sceptor of Power & Sceptor of Victory & Flame of Victory
144,000 Angelic Watchers + 10,000,000,000 Silent Watchers
Standing Shoulder to Shoulder Above & Below
Spheres Upon Spheres of Turquoise Light Around Us
{the energies are stepped-down through each dimension from source to assimilate & process efficiently
imbued with Divine Power, Fearlessness & Protection}
13:19 Pillar of White Light to Throne of Divine Mother * Throne of Absolute
14:40 Setting Intentions
15:05 Nasrin Begins "This month is the most important month for setting the tone for 2012+"
On Natural Disasters: The energies are coming to the surface..
We offer this healing for the healing of earth & all human kind
and specifically for those who have been affected by events of recent-past and those in the present moment..
earthquakes, hurricanes, twisters, tornadoes..
A prayer asking the angels to assist the souls having died to be taken back to the light safely
20:33 Divine Mother Speaks
*Anointing* Sacred Fire with Quan Yin
through the physical body, the aura & 5-body system {physical, etheric, emotional, mental & spiritual}
[DNA awakening]
35:00 *Ablution*
Rubbing On our Hands & Arms first to prepare
*Ablution* Sacred Fire with Goddess of Victory
{To Become Acclimated & Recalibrated to this Throne}
44:42 Closing Ceremony & Warm Wishes