Meet the Rockefeller Group: The Real Estate Company At the Eye of NJ's Political Storm

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Alternet, By: Alex Kane, 01/21/2014

Photo Credit: AFP

The Christie administration allegedly pressured Hoboken's mayor over a development project Rockefeller was pushing. The company at the center of a growing controversy in Hoboken, New Jersey that is fueling Governor Chris Christie’s woes is a major political player that spreads around campaign cash.   Talking Points Memo’s Hunter Walker details how the Rockefeller Group spends money on both parties, though most of the cash goes to Republicans.

The politically connected real estate group has spent more than $70,000 on both parties, including $2,500 to Christie. Of their 21 donations, 16 went to Republicans for a total of $40,500. $37,000 went to Democrats.  Rockefeller employees also dole out cash, with Christie receiving money from two executives.


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