Mental Handcuffs – A Kid’s View of ADHD Medications

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Waking Times - 1/02/14, Sigmund Fraud, Staff Writer

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What is it like to be a ‘below average’ student in a culture that increasingly drugs children to induce conformity?

Minimum Max’, a short film created by high school student Josh Ovalle, presents the viewer with a modern day dilemma that many kids are faced with. In an educational system that demands conformity and uniformity, being labelled ‘below average’ exposes a child to increased time at school with tutors, a more rigorous daily schedule, and the stigma of being lesser than the other kids. In addition to the extra work involved, many ‘below average’ or unmanageable kids are diagnosed as having ADD or ADHD and are put on mind-altering medications as a means of correcting their behavior and inducing conformity.

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