Message from the Ashtar Command 8/22/12 ‘Military Disarmament’

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Glistening like a pearl on the sands of a sundrenched beach is your new world, birthed from the mouth of an oyster who nurtured your world through love and through the desire for a better life and a better home for all of you. We have monitored your progress for many long eons of time, and we say to you that you have come so very far that to learn of these details will be a tremendous and glorious surprise for so many of you. Not many of you are ‘newcomers to this scene’. So many of you have been on this journey for so long that this is why you have completely forgotten your roots, your ancestry, your history, your family, your friends, your careers and your purpose here, and this is why it is so difficult for some of you to possibly accept these truths about us, about you, and about what is now taking place here in this world.


Not all of you can and will readily accept the information about us. This is how it will be, there is no changing this. There are those of you who will in the days ahead learn of our existence for the first time, in this lifetime anyway, and going back possibly many more. There will be those who suffer or experience signs of mild and even in some cases severe shock and mental fatigue. Fatigue because the mind is like a muscle, and when the mind is worked out beyond its limits it can become damaged or worn out just like the muscles in your human vessel. These beings will need care, they will need love, they will need rehabilitation, they will need services that you are going to provide for them. This is how it works.


We, the beings that inhabit this universe, look after and take care of each other. We do not leave others to misery, to poverty, to injury, to ill health, mental, physical or emotional. We do not leave others hungry, we do not leave others to cold, we do not leave others alone unless this is what they desire. This is one of the reasons why we are here in your world at this time. There are those of you who go hungry, who are cold, who suffer from tremendous heat, those of you who sleep on the streets or in backwoods for they find no shelter and no help from their brothers and sisters. This will now change. We are here with more than gifts for entertainment purposes and to make lives easier for some of you who already have found ways to raise your lives at least to a certain level of comfort. We are here to eradicate completely misery, pain and sorrow throughout each and every corner of your world.


We did not come here to shower only a few of you with our gifts, for this we do not do. This is not our purpose and this is not our intention. We fully intend and will share our gifts, our technologies, our tools, our wisdom, our understandings and guidance with each and every soul who accepts our offerings and our gifts throughout every corner of your entire planet. There will be not one soul left who is not at least offered these gifts. No one will have to work with us or do anything it is they do not wish to do to be the receiver of many of these gifts. There are some gifts that are allotted to those who go the extra mile, for those who put in effort to help their fellow man, to better their communities, to strengthen their systems, to nurture and care for their planet, this is true. There are always perks and extra benefits for those who apply themselves and give extra effort that maybe some others are not interested in, this we wish to make clear, that not all gifts will be shared with all peoples, but it has nothing to do with who these people are, where they live, their race or nationality, skin color or language they speak, their past history, criminal record, level of income or gender, none of this. All gifts will be at least made available to each and every person in you world.


Not all of the people of every world we visit choose that they wish to accept our assistance, this we also wish to make clear, that there are always at least a number of those who shun us, who cannot find the way to trust us, to believe that we do not possess ulterior motives, desires and agendas. We do not. We also wish to make that clear to you as we have many times. Our motivation is love. It is love and service to our Creator, who we remind you, is also your Creator.  This is why we are family. We have the same mother and father, so how is it we cannot be brother and sister, for we are, and we are now here for a long anticipated family reunion, a reunion that will bring to your world opportunity so great that your entire structure and landscape of your planet can be forever altered, changed, improved, advanced, purified, beautified and made safe, and with consistent effort, attention, love, care, nurturing, planning, intent and action can be eternal for all of you.


This is what we, the Ashtar Command, offer you in the form of gifts and offer you in the form of extra benefits for those of you who apply yourselves and work to earn these extra benefits. You will not be working ‘for’ us. In other words, your world will not be benefiting our organization per se, as we did not come here to recruit because we needed to solidify our workforce for the purposes of maintaining and operating our organization. We wish to make that clear, that we did not come here because we need new members. This is not the case at all. We've come here to offer you opportunities to work with us, to better your lives and to better the lives of others and your world. We wish to make clear, that all of the work that you will be doing will benefit you, your people and your planet. You will not be working to say, restore our ships, or clean our ships, or feed our crewmembers through your work in a kitchen or galley.


Some of you erroneously believe that this is the case, that we have come here to recruit workers needed to fill lower positions within our ranks. This is not the case, this will never be the case, and we believe we have also made ourselves clear on this point. It would be appreciated by us if those of you who did engage in the dissemination of these falsehoods refrained from spreading this sort of disinformation. We do honor and respect the views of each and every being in this universe, but there is a difference between the spreading of lies, slander, untruths and disinformation about another. There are laws even in your society against the use of slander on another, is there not?


In the higher realms we do not have laws pertaining to such a matter, as it almost always never presents itself as any kind of problem. Occasionally there are disagreements. You see, not everyone, no matter where it is they exist will see eye to eye. There are always going to be differences in perspective and viewpoint. This cannot be avoided and it is actually cherished, as it would make for a rather commonplace and let us say, unchallenging universe if each and every one of us possessed the identical perspectives and points of view, would it not? So there are always at least some disagreements on some level. The difference within the higher realms and the lower realms is how we choose to overcome these mild disagreements.


In your world, in at least some cases, those who possess opposing viewpoints choose to go to war with each other. This is the absolute worst and most unproductive choice to settle disagreements, would you agree on this? But that is precisely what many of your countries and even members of your same countries choose to resolve simple differences and opinions. This will also no longer be permitted in your world if we are to continue sharing our gifts with you.


If there are those of you who continue to choose war, bloodshed, destruction and misery as the means to settle disagreements or disputes we will be forced to choose to remove from your world either these individuals or the tools and technologies that we are sharing with you, followed by removing ourselves from your world to allow your people to carry on in the means that they see fit and so choose. We certainly do not wish this to ever be the case. We are asking and will continue to ask that all of the militaries of your world stand down, to return to their own lands and countries. We will be requesting a complete and total disarmament of all of your military forces throughout every corner of your world, for what would they be needed for if we are now going to settle disputes amicably, honorably, fairly and nonviolently? They will never be needed to protect borders, as no people will be permitted to invade, conquer, or occupy another people's land.


All borders one day in the future will become rather meaningless, for there will be nothing that one people possess that all people do not possess, and this also includes weather suitable for habitation, as there are many of your world who suffer through adverse weather, ineffectual for the growing of crops. We will also help you change all this, and beings throughout your entire world will be able to live in suitable comfort and be able to grow crops and produce their own water supply. This is one of the projects that we have scheduled for you, and we will at the appropriate time be asking for volunteers of those of you who would wish to participate in these weather and agricultural projects as well. As we have said, we have many projects in store for your world and there will be many opportunities available for those of you who are interested in taking action to restore your world to the perfect place to live that it used to be one day in your distant past. We wish to return your world to that perfect time, and with your help we intend to do just that.


We are your friends and your family who have returned to help you return your world to the way it used to be. We are the Ashtar Command, and we thank you all for your time with us today. We will speak to you again very soon, until then, peace, joy, freedom, prosperity and abundance to all of you.




As channeled through Greg Giles English - Spanish - Brazil - Bulgarian - Croatian - Dutch -German - Greek - Hebrew - Polish - Japanese Portugal - Romanian - Russian - Slovenian -Swedish - Traditional Chinese - Hungarian French Turkish




don't give up on us now

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We did not come this for to just let these bully banker's stop us from being happy.I feel like if we have to do this our self to "bring down the dark cable".We will have to elect a new president named Jill Reed,she has a write in cannadacy and will be on alot of bailet's for USA president .That is our plan.I am so thankfull of having this new realization.It will take till election day 11 6 12 for us to begain our move that we are telling everyone about now .That move is to make a amendment to the constatution called the primelaw, when in place it will pohibit the use of force,threat of force and fraud by any person ,grup of people or goverment.The only time force can be used is when the prime law is broken.It will be a protection only bugget that will keep every one in there place with peace,or get ostrasized.That is what my mission is,"to bring peace to the world".If there is a way to eject the dark people out of our way that is faster then what is happening , we could use some input.It is not fare that the dark cable does not have to play fare,and we have to go through all this red tape while our planet is being distroyed.Are these the people that you are refering to that is makeing you second guess your intervention?We need the PRIMELAW in affect now.pleace contact me .Franked.Please go to mark hamilton's 3000 year old secrit on youtube ,and to see the platform for Jill Reed as preident of USA.

Just to understand, lies and

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Just to understand, lies and slander are the best ways to build the 'why' and the 'principle' of not thinking for ones self and jumping on the easy going band wagon. It is a pattern we know like a cookie cutter. Its not personal, at least i dont think so. maybe, possibly, different levels of discernment?


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So if the cabal keeps up with there plan that can lead us to Genocide, war you will leave the rest of us? I dont understand that statement at all! So for the rest of us who do want peace once again we lose because of a few corrupt individuals that even you are surprised with how hard it is to remove them, this has been stated in other articles but you have also said we will be ok they will be stopped,  also theres all this talk about nuclear weapons, I thought they were dismantled? Is this true or not? I have been reading with much interest and trust in your words but at times they are contradictive. Are we all going to have to be killed beffor we have peace? I never reallyy believed in the bible so much, I mean, I think it has been manipulated by the cabal along time ago but to anyone whos paying attention to whats going on in 3d its almost as if there using it as a play book. I dont want to be here anymore, not like this. My whole lifes been a strugle and now that its time for me to smell the roses I cant cuz there covered in chemicals and if the governments get there way bullets will be flying in our streets. Im tired of all this but I cant make it stop by myself and it seems that those of us who want the same thing are always being pushed around by the guy with the big gun! They want to put comuter parts in our bodies, arrest us for nothing, kill so many innocent people.You guys eons ago had a war in our skies and the dark won are you going to run and let them win again? If not please dont make statements like that again because it makes me feel like the comment is not well thought and maybe is not comi g from where you say it is. Sorry if I sound harsh but Im very concerned and feeling let down after reading this



Peace everyone,


Many Thanks

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Thank you, Greg, for this message to come through you from the Ashtar Command.  I know that this is going to occur because the Earth, Gaia, is going into 4th dimension consciousness beginning Dec. 21 of this year. Those who refuse to open their hearts will not survive the increased Light for very long.


Shelly, do not be afraid.  I, too, have struggled all of this life.  I have tried, but have ultimately failed, in things I've wanted to do.  I look at this world right now, with all our killings, greed and corruption coming from our own people in the good ol' USA, and I wonder how all of this can be transformed in the next four months.  Oftentimes, I get so discouraged, even angry, at the posings of our politicians and their criticism of anyone attempting to cut our monolithic military budget, for example.  Yes, it's sad.


I suspect, Shelly, from one of your references, that you have read Matthew messages, a good source to go to.  This is another good site, provided you test the spirit, for not all information allowed on this site speaks true to me.  Most of all, don't be afraid.  The ego feeds on fear.  The Illuminati or the cabal wants you to be afraid, for this is how they have controlled the masses for so many millennia. 


It's difficult to not take things personally, but it's necessary to steady our core being.  When I'm having trouble sometimes, I look at myself from forty miles above, see my anxiety, worrying about this, that, and in-between; see the crazy factory I have created with three shifts going--if only it paid--and I realize that for all of my thinking and the noise of my mind, I cannot hear a single thought from Who I Am.  Give it a try.



Thank you

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Thanks for responding kindly to my post, yes it is scary. I follow politics close and gave a try to not doing so for about a week and early this morning I took a look again and omg!! things are really heating up out there over here, shwoo! getting real bad no matter where I look. All these politicians are crooks and liars every single one of them including Obama, who I truly believe is trying to dextroy us from the inside out but then I look at Romney and hes just another selected puppet like the rest of them. Im gonna get lashed out for this but I dont care. We have no biz in the middle East, we are only there because the zionist cant control them no other reason, they are not caving as our leaders have to the nwo and although Im against war in self defence what can ya do? They have been attacked by us for way to long, I dont believe there responsible for 9/11 nor did they bring this upon themselves.The cabal has to fight them with murder and convincing our people of so many lies. Anyway, Its frustrating to watch


Im going to look at what you recomended, I thank you for that and Ashtar if you let them win again, err!!


peace everyone,