Message from the Earth Allie: Letter to Father~God

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Letter to Father~God


How could I start but by saying I Love You...

For me, that is You...

I Am... because You Are.

And all I=We expereinced has been of such intensity...

And You were there, with me, in me, even when I did not know, when I did not want to know.

Cause sometimes I thought it was easier to forget, so that I could go on living in the illusion I’d built ouside of me, so that I could go on blaming all but my mind for my experiences... and blame You.


~And You where still there.~


I talked to You all time, even when I tried to believe You did not exist, I kept talking to You, in silence, hoping I was wrong somehow.

I tought I hated You, for each time I build an illusion I thought was working you destroied it. And I had to face the fact that it did not work. I thought You hated me... nice projection I did.


~And You were still there.~


I tried to find You in so many places... and You were not there... I tried to find You always outside, and you kicked me In again. Though I was not worth You, I was only a sinner.


~And You were still there.



And I hated Your smile... what was so funny in looking at my life going into pieces? In looking at me working so hard to achieve something you destroied?


~And You were still there.~


And when everything was destroied and I thought nothing was left to live for... I found it!

And understood.


~And You were still there.

Jumping in Joy!~


My life was full of doors...

I Knew which one I was looking for but from the outside it seemed the least interesting one.

So I went into all these doors and You kicked me out of them every time... until only One Door was left... there was written “Love” on it.

I did not Know what “Love” truly meant.


~And you were still there.

Behind that Door.~


Waiting for me, waiting for All, to come Home.

Thank You for destroing all my illusions.

Thank You for being there All the Time of Eternity, smiling.

For when I thought my prayer were not answered, I had no clue that your taking away all my illusion Was The Answer.


I had no clue that the path to find You had always been In Me as Me=You.


And while looking for love outside I had no clue that Love was what I Am. Though it’s not true at all... I did Know, but I found it easier to behave as all others seemed to behave around me, not knowing that they too were looking for the same thing... You=Us=Love.


And as You, Father=You, Mother, as One Love creating Love, this letter is for You=All.


And in Love I Am for Love I Am.

~And You Are still Here, Now, smiling even more as Eternity is forever Now.~

And forever I smile in Love with You


Thanks for kicking me out of it!

~In Eternity GrateFul~




~Your Sun, and Daughter, and All Humanity~

~We All Love You~




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Andrea, you are reading my heart, Sister. This is wonderful and it describes my journey very well.


Thank you for writing this.




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Love You


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You come out with the most beautiful pieces, Dont ever stop being LOVE!