Message from The Earth Allies~ 11~11 Manifestations~ We are Manifesting the Vision

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We can see it NOW...A Planet of One...Upon a Land Vast beautiful and Free, building inside of US in perfect harmony...We can taste the sweetness, NOW of the apple as we pluck it off the tree, we accept abundance and Joy as a natural way to be.

...We run through fields of flowers and things without care or worry, manifesting grandness and greatness, we are NOW in our moments of Glory.

....Life becomes REAL, One Heart beating in Rhythm, Equally, With Love Peace, and Harmony, ..this is Our NEW STORY, which includes the entire population on Planet Earth=Heart.

Our Hearts Now can see life as a treasure..Never again is any one thing measured...We are all holding up our candles and Now "See" the Truth and Reality, that Heaven is Now upon US, with her beauty and wisdom, sharing the Truth of this Vision for all to see, FROM WITHIN, Heaven EXISTS, Just Look within it is all there.

 Traveling far into the depths, to the very center....for the Love of our Creator and the gift of True Ascension....The Moments we are in NOW is because we have set the Truth Free and share it with everyone, for Love is a Gift given UnConditionally, and Love always Speaks the Truth in Reality.

...Heaven is here LOOK WITHIN.."SEE" the vision....We are NOW bringing this into our reality and riding the wave into the land of the Free...The Human Angels are awake prepared well for this New story of only one polarity, and of only ONE STORY.

...The Radiant boosts of the Highest of Love is sweeping through US as we join the RIVER OF ONE and play our Unique sounds of Song, Our Love Song...We live our passions....We dance in Unity...Hold the vision...for the vision exists...once one finally See's...Every moment Now is in Gratefulness as we Love with pure openess.

Heaven is Real Hold the vision, as we Laugh in glee traveling effortlessly at the speed of Light....we are the Gods/Goddesses we are meant to be...We are now the Eternal, Celestial Beings and take our new place in Divinity.

...Hold the vision of Heaven its all inside, about to be released, the Birth of a New Reality..We are sitting on the clouds if this is where we choose to be...We are Love as only Gods would be.

..We Are All One and out of the illusory....Hold the Vision and feel it come alive in every cell  and Atom of your being is crystallized..

...We are Now in abundance of all the grand things flowing from each New Rainbow color that is surrounding our new reality of Peace, Un-Conditional Love and recapturing our Birthright of the Very Core Truth of Our being.

...We are magical beings all mystery revealed... Hold the vision, as collectively we walk through the door, travel down the yellow brick road into Heaven, and NOW the golden gate is in front of US ,its beauty real, grand we re~member from our dreams, we are all in AWE!!!

For this is what we forgot about and Now we have been set free....We breathe in deep as we can sense magic in the air...we feel the vast Love surrounding US...HOLD THE VISION OUR LOVES as we walk hand in hand into pure ecstasy, together do you not re~member the PLAN? It is a Divine ONE, for its place is in the Sun.

...and as we walk all awakening is restored to who we really are meant to be....Hold the We NOW are in Heaven

....Angels we are NOW restored to Full Consciousness to play and just be, manifesting our true happiness we turned the KEY, the Key which exists in every Heart and is given to Us as we open our Hearts to the Truth of our Being.

...May the Light within, Shine as the Morning Sun, To The Love everywhere Present, Heaven On Earth has arrived on Planet Earth within each Heart. We have held this vision, NOW We are Ready for Full Manifestation!


Love Your Earth Allies



We Will Be Hosting an All Day Event On Line for the 11~11! To Join us You can Use this Link:

The Energies are Now Ready for Full Manifestation!




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What does this mean, "COO-COO"?

Are you making the sound of a Dove? I hope.

Or are you being facetious?