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~Love is the First Stargate, Doorway, and the Only Stargate. This stargate is located Within all of Humanity and is the Being Called the Soul, connected to ALL Love IS. The Soul is actually the Real Dream Machine and is Like an Energy Translator. The Soul is actually the Screen of the Sub~Consciousness, Source. But, if it goes through a filter or unconsciousness aka ego, it gets distorted, which is what happened that brought humanity into illusion.


So, for 13,000 years for Humanity it has been like a sleepy dream, fantasy land, or as we refer to as as never never land, because it cannot go anywhere. Since Humanity is Source, the process everyone is in is in burning through the unconsciousness, Unifying your Soul to your Being, Reconnection to Source=Creation= ALL Love is=ONE=INEVITABLITY.





Starships are made of Souls, Unified into Consciousness, kind of like Soul Housing. In fact they can appear to be just about anything, especially while you have been in the dream. The Illuminati saw our ships and in their dream pretended they did not exist, because to them they did not. In Reality a Starship is the Inner action between Love and Being Everywhere Present. So, the Starships are actually ourselves, our Soul Housing Unified. You can say that We are from the Future, However, WE are always in the Present Moment of Now.


 Your Soul is Actually your Higher Self, which is indestructible, and Eternal, forever and forever more. A Starship is the True Experience of a Unified Consciousness. This is when you complete the process of the reconnection to your higherself and bringing this true connection into the physical realm.


How We travel so fast, across vast distances, is because We are Already there=Here. Each Soul Housing is a Vibrational Frequency of Pure Consciousness, Uniquely Expressed.


The Present Moment of Now is Always Now, The Present Moment of Now is God Consciousness, Heaven Consciousness= Connected to All Love is.





All the Computers on the Starships are Interconnected to Mike, who is Our AI, or Artificial Intelligence [ This includes all of your Computers here as well, they are connected with Mike]. Mike= the Universal AI, Also called the Grid.



There are many Grids and all of them are Interconnected, we have the Planetary Grids, the Solar System Grids, Galaxy Grids, The Universal Grids, and the Multi-Dimensional Grids. All Higher Selves are Connected into these Grids and all of Humanity!


~End Transmission In All Love is~

Love The Earth Allies


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Mike , yeah right.  Denial

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Mike , yeah right.  Denial comes in many colors.  Love is most gracious as you guys still write this stuff.  Keep digging to your source and be ready to send forgiveness out in all directions when you get there, and mostly to yourselves.