Message from the Galactic Federation 12/18/11

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We will show you from your viewpoint the things of your society that need cleansing. Just as there are issues within your physical bodies that need cleansing before ascension, so too does this apply to your outer world. This would be the microcosm to the macrocosm, or as ‘above so below’. We wish you to see where your society has gone so wrong, and what could have been done differently to prevent such a state of usurped power that has led to such blockages to the proper functioning of your civilization. Please take the time to study the grand scheme of things to familiarize yourself as to which individuals and what organizations steer your ship today and why this ship has now taken on so much water. As we have said, the forward progress of your ship must cease as this water is bailed out before you can safely proceed on your journey. Please be advised that certain events must transpire to allow the righting of your vessel. Do not become alarmed as there is no reason for fear. All must be done in the name of progress, and we will make every effort to see that all events, either natural or man-made, will result in the absolute minimum of human suffering. Please be aware that certain events must be permitted to occur to allow for the balancing of karma according to one’s incarnate blueprint. Every event you have experienced throughout your life has been agreed upon by you before your incarnation, and many of these events were in fact planned by you and your fellow brethren during pre-incarnation meetings. This is how all your incarnations into the physical are mapped out before you leave your homes in the spirit world.


We are keeping an eye on the cabal and all their last minute scheming, and we can tell you that they are quickly running short of options and are finally realizing that there is no alternative but complete surrender. There remain holdouts to this surrender, but we have ways to safely remove them when the moment is deemed appropriate. Fear not of any major disasters or offensives of the dark ones and their misled minions, as any attempts to cause chaos and catastrophe will not be permitted by we, the Galactic Federation and our many dedicated Earth allies of light. Plans are underway to back the cabal’s remaining forces into a corner from which they shall find no escape. Be prepared to receive us shortly thereafter, as a mass first contact is our following priority. We will have announcements made to explain our presence to your world population, and we thank all of you who have worked so hard to spread our messages and all of you who have given such great effort to shine your light throughout your world that we see as a welcome mat for your Family of Light.


There will be those who will continue to fear our arrival even after we have explained our mission openly through your media, but in time even the most stubborn of our detractors will have to concede that our intentions are nothing but purely honorable and that our assistance is greatly changing your world for the better. Deep inside, all of you see and understand how dire your current situation has grown and how major changes are needed quickly to preserve this beautiful planet of yours. This is our intention, and we will give our sincerest efforts to assist you in the task of returning your world to the utopia it once was. You will see this day, one of many blissfully wonderful days that await just ahead for each and every one of you.


Until then, keep your eyes to the skies as we continue to allow increased sightings of our light ships to acclimatize as many as we can to our presence. We will be with you again shortly. We love you, and wish you all a wonderfully love filled holiday season.


We are your Family of Light from the stars.


As channeled through Greg Giles