Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 5/14/12

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I believe in who you are, so why do you want to be careful? There could be so many things that you can be doing with yourself and with your life at this time, and part of the reason we are here is to allow you to see that the sky is the limit and that you can do and that you can be anything that you desire. All along your long journey you have chosen for yourself careers, hobbies and crafts to pursue and to become the best at these that you can be. There has never been anything that you were afraid to take on as you always knew that no matter the outcome you would come out a wiser and more experienced soul for your efforts.


Here in your world today there are so many of you who appear afraid or timid to attempt to become what it is and who it is you already are. We see so many of you struggling with yourselves just to be what could be so natural for you. We do our best to find the reasons why there are those of you having so much trouble with this, and we have come to some conclusions that we would like to share with you. First of all, who is it that you are, who is it that you were and who is it that you will again be? These are very pertinent questions, and the answers to these questions may unlock for you hidden secrets, hidden talents and hidden directions that you can be traveling at this time instead of traveling within the circles that you have carved out for yourselves within the limits of the 3rd dimension.


So where do we start? At what point should we choose to begin the search for one of these answers, as your journey through existence has no starting points, but instead is a circular wind of change, of growth, of metamorphosis, and to choose a point on this map that is ever-changing, ever evolving and multidimensional in its nature that has no beginning, that has no end, is a challenge all unto itself, and we wish to avoid at this time spending untold amounts of energy and time that we really do not have the luxury of spending at this point of your journey, and instead, we feel it is appropriate that we choose an alternative way to view who it is you are, who it is you were and who it is you will again become.


You are everything. You are the only thing. You are everywhere and at the same time nowhere, as where it is you are is you yourself. ‘Where’ can only be a pinpoint on a map or direction on your compass. ‘Where’ cannot be everywhere or there would be no here and there would be no there. You are it. You are yourself, you are no one else. There is no one else to see you from different eyes or from a different perspective. You do not become anything else, for you are you. You are all that exists, so how could you become anything other than the everything that you are? The everything that you were is everything that you are and everything that you become. There is no difference, there is no separation, there is no growth or change in reality, for there is no time to separate the then, the now, and the will be to come. There is only you at one moment, the now moment, so how could you be one thing and then become another?


We understand from our vantage point how difficult wrestling with this concept can be. We do not wish at all to overwhelm you, to blow your minds or to blow a fuse within you. We only wish at this time to try to describe for you who it is you truly are, as we wish for this knowledge to give you the confidence that you already have to be who you already are. Do you see why we feel this is so important for you to know at what you feel is this time? Do you now see just what you are truly capable of, although you are not reaching for this potential as you have already achieved it?


It has been said that this is not a time for learning new things, but this is a time to remember. Re-member. Remember who it is you truly are and it shall set you free. Set yourself free. Allow the wisdom that you already possess deep inside you to rise to the surface, and allow that wisdom to become you and allow you to become this secret that has been hidden deep inside of you for so very long as you have retraced your steps through the journey of your own existence. Like a treasure map and a compass that will lead you to a lost treasure, we say to you dig deep within yourself. Follow the clues and follow your own footsteps through the sands of time that will lead you to who it is you truly are, the one thing you truly are, the one place you truly are, the one moment that you truly are. Allow your own voice to guide you like the wind pushing your sails towards the shores that are you, that call your own name.


You are you. We are you. All are you. You are not they, we are not they, there is no they, there is only you. Do you understand this? Do you see now a little clearer why there is no reason of this perception that we are strangers to you or your world and therefore cannot be trusted? There are no strangers to you, and there are no worlds foreign to your world as there is only one world and there is only one you. You are not accepting yourself and who it is you truly are when you do not accept others as there are no others, it is only you that you do not accept.


When will the time come for you to accept yourself and who it is you truly are? This is up to you, of course it is, because there is only you and it is only you that can make this decision and choose to be you, although as you are already you and must be as you can be no one other as there is no one other, it is you that must choose to remember. Do you choose to remember? Say “I choose to remember” if you wish to remember who it you truly are. The universe will respond and bring to you your memory of who it is you truly are, as it is you yourself who possesses this key and offers it to you. It is your key to do with as you wish and unlock anything that you wish, for these treasures are yours and these treasures are you. They have been stored throughout the warehouses of your journey and they can be unlocked at your command as they only recognize your command, and will repossess you with all it is that you are, all it is that you were and all it is that you will be, for all this lies within one locked box for you, waiting for you to turn your key and open it to see again everything that you are, everything that you were and everything that you will become, as they are all the same, they are all one and they are all you at this one moment.


We are at the Galactic Federation of Light.






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