Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/21/12 ‘Gifts & Responsibility’

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Sharing the gifts as the ones you are to receive once suitable arrangements can be created and maintained for a proper, safe, productive, cohesive and efficient working environment are gifts that will be presented to you because you have earned them. There is no other way or reason that gifts such as these are presented to a world and its people. We, the Galactic Federation of Light, monitor worlds, their progress and their consciousness and decide if we feel it is time to bear these gifts to them. This decision is based upon several factors, and we shall discuss these now at this time.


Factor one would be if the people of a world are ready for some of these gifts which, in most cases, deal with very advanced technologies. We cannot, of course, offer gifts of advanced technologies to a world that is still in the midst of their agricultural development or any period in their development where they have not yet reached a technological age. Your world, of course, has met this standard, and as a matter of fact you have met this standard some years ago, however, there were certain other standards that your world and your people had not met. One of these is the product of war. A people must demonstrate to us that they have now reached a point in their history where they no longer want war, where they no longer support war, where they no longer feel violence and bloodshed is the means to solve any problem.


We feel there are of those of your world who have reached this level of understanding, although we will say that this understanding is certainly not unanimous among your people, as there are still many of you who believe violence and war is the answer that will solve some and even many of your current problems. This is troubling, as we cannot allow our technologies which, in many cases, are very advanced and can be converted to other means of use. Some of these technologies could, in the wrong hands, be applied or converted to weapons of war and destruction and they can be used to gain more power and control, although that is not what these technologies have been designed for, that is not what we use them for, and that is not the purpose for which we are sharing these gifts with you.


This is one of the more serious matters that our organization has considered and planned for. We will, because we must, immediately repossess these technologies from your people if any number of you begin to dismantle it, back engineer it, convert it, manipulate it, or try to use it in any way for war, for violence, for destruction, for threatening another, for harming another or in any way to hurt, manipulate, or try to control another human being or any living creature for that matter on your planet. Is this understood, dear one? We wish to make this as absolutely clear as we can that we cannot tolerate for one moment any level of misuse or mistreatment of any of the equipment or advanced technologies that we will present to you as gifts, or any of the technologies that we may possess that we at this time are not prepared to share with you. We feel we have made ourselves clear on this and cannot make ourselves any clearer, so we will move on.


Be now aware that the projects we have discussed with you, at least in part, will now begin to commence. Do not, dear friends, count the minutes or the hours or even the days until they will begin, when they will be completed, or when your services will be called for to assist in these projects. We have a very suitable timeframe where we feel each project needs to be up and running and needs to be completed, and all projects we feel have adequate time for their successful implementation and completion, starting with project number one, which will be the construction of several quite long seawalls off of the coast of several land areas of your planet.


We have successfully reached an adequate number of those of your world that we feel would make a compliment to our teams that will be carrying out this very important project. All of you that will be taking part in this initial project have been contacted by us and we have received your instructions. That is enough said about this. We do not wish for any of you to reveal in any way throughout your online circles, over the telephone, through letters, even speaking to someone face-to-face of the plans you have made with us in any way. Do we make ourselves clear on this? As we have said, security and safety is of paramount importance, and it all starts with you and your ability to follow to the letter the safety and security guidelines and policies we lay out to you.


There will be many other projects available for those of you who have not been contacted for this initial project. Do not for one moment feel down, forgotten or neglected that you have not been selected for this project which is only the first project of a long line of projects. Your services are much needed and will be very much appreciated in other areas, and you may be even happier and feel more at home with some of the other projects we will begin very shortly with you. The seawall project, although a large project in accomplishment, is a small project in the amount of manpower required. This will be the case of some projects but not all, as some of the projects we have lined up require large amounts of people power, and we will be ‘interviewing’, if you will, and ‘hanging a sign in our window’ for these positions very shortly in the days to come.


Fear not that you will not receive our telepathic communications, as we will work out ways that all of you, whether you are able to receive our telepathic communications or not, will find placement within at least one of our projects. You can be assured of this, that if you wish to work with us and we feel you would make a positive addition to our team then you will work with us. That is our promise to you, and as we have said, when we do make promises we keep them. We are not promise breakers as some of your world erroneously believe. When we say to you that we will begin this project or that project soon, we use the word ‘soon’ because there is absolutely no other definition, explanation or metaphor that we can come up with to allow you to understand that it is not today but it may be tomorrow when we begin one of these projects. Can you understand that we can only say soon, for we do not have a date set for you, so what else is it we can say to you to allow you to understand that it will not be a very long ways off in years, but will be some time ahead in weeks or months? Would you agree that ‘soon’ is an appropriate adverb to use to express this time frame? We certainly feel it is an adequate and fair description, and we would like to see some of your comments today about this subject.


One of the greater complaints we hear about our work here in your world is that we use the term ‘soon’ often and never produce. We are producing. We are working diligently each and every day and night towards these goals that we have outlined with you. We do not take days off, we do not take vacations, we man our stations at the moment we are required to and finish each and every shift working hard through the hours that we put in. What else can we do than what we are doing is what we ask you? We cannot do certain tasks that we are waiting on your people to do. This has been part of the agreement reached with your Creator and with you as well, that it would be upon you, the people of Earth, to complete certain tasks before we could step in and assist you with others.


At this time, we are still waiting for your Earth allies in charge of the arrests of the members of your criminal cabal to complete their assignments.  They too work diligently day and night. They too take no days off for vacation time. They are working very hard in the heat of your summer sun and risk their lives day in and day out fighting for the literal freedom of your people. Freedom will be won, this is what we see, this is what we firmly believe. It will be yours. It will be done as it has been decreed by your Creator who is our Creator. Have faith. Be ever confident in your fellow man and in your brothers and sisters of our organization and others like it, for we are all working towards the same goals. We all want the same thing, the freedom of the people of Earth and a new day of prosperity and reward for all your hard work and toils.


We are your allies in this campaign. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.




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I find it reassuring when you say "soon" instead of giving an exact date, because I was raised to believe in the Bible, and it says "I come as a thief in the night and no man knows the day or the hour of my coming." I tend to feel uncomfortable with exact dates being put out there, because I understand that it is a process and that "earth time" is not the same as "galactice time." Just thought you might want to know that. I think the people who become upset when something doesn't happen at the time they expect it are feeling a bit desperate, as things are very frightening for many, many people here. Unfortunately sometimes desperate people turn to anger because that is what they are afraid of the most.




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Soon has no objective meaning.


One second is soon and one thousand years is soon.


We should be left to our own to develop the technology we need.  We do not need new masters and rule makers to replace the old.


A gift is not a gift when it comes with overseers who must rule, judge, and control us.


chaneling and wars

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of course the people never want wars, but the chanelling mentions the people wanting wars, so the chaneling is whatever u want to call it. nobody wants wars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! except for the cabal!!!!!!!!!! the wars come from the secret government in all its names, for profit only!!!! so that chaneling makes me suspicious as to it's origin.don't believe all this chaneling as god given truth!!


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I agree with you when you say that the people don't want wars! Absolutely, we are the ones who are hurt by them while the ones who start them are just playing a sick game. Many of my son's friends have "had to" join the military because they cannot find jobs and the recruiters tell them that they will receive all kinds of benefits and "of course we will put you somewhere safe..." These young men do NOT want war, they are joining the military out of desperation and because of military promises that will not be kept. Meanwhile we have homeless Vietnam verterans out on the streets in wheelchairs, with Hepatitis C that they caught while being immunized in the military. So if you look at enlistment numbers, it is NOT that these kids WANT to go to war, it is because the war is already in the streets here and they do not want to live in the streets and be arrested and beaten here. So please DO understand that we do NOT want war - it's just that many young people cannot find any other way to support themselves and pay back their student loans, which are at a very high rate of interest and that is another story of how the cabal controls people - with debt.

YES, we DO want you to interevene as possible and yes we will wait for you to do so safely. For all of us... although I realize I cannot speak for all of us....




Soon can't come quick enough!!

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When you're are mum to a beautiful 9 month old who you want to live the best life he can, spend time with his parents (not at a day nursary) and no longer eat food that is effectively poisoning his body and shortening his life... Soon can't come soon enough. Tell us the maximum time frame so we can plan our futures around this great event!! I go back to work next Wednesday after a year off for maternity.... When I got pregnant I thought I wouldn't have to go back to work because our world wold have transformed and I could care for my son full time without money worrys etc... But here I am, going back to work, with a bill of £650 a month for child care 3 days a week... I'd like to know how far soon reaches... The last possible date hat this could take place... If it happens sooner, then it's a bonus! :)


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We agree with the first comment here. We don't need the exact date when you say soon but maybe you can say sometime before....maybe Dec 21, 2012? Then we know everything will happen BEFORE then (whether it is tomorrow or 3 months from now). We too don't make plans too far in the future.  My work place is planning all this work for me in January 2013 which I should be planning for now but deep down I am thinking will I even be working for this company in Jan 2013?  Will anyone be working for this company (company definitely would not be around if things disclose as they should and the Cabal is arrested). If October comes and goes, then November....with no disclosure or complete Cabal arrests, I know many people will fall in a deep depression. We have hope now that things will progress soon and relieve everyone of their financial chains.

To the galactic beings, I too

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To the galactic beings,
I too would like a more specific time frame than 'soon'. I understand that you have a mammoth task preparing us for ascension and there is a lot to be done before that.I can't wait to meet you all and give you all a big hug.
Is ascension going to take place on December 21? Lastly, I'am ready to serve you in your projects.Call me.Keep me in mind.
Peace,Love and Light.

what I think about your use of the word soon

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I think  you could not have picked a better word .It sure is better then in the distent future.I like to say" just around the couner,over the hill,before you know it,blink of an eye,it will happen soon enough,"and my faverit is just a weebit more.I just wook up from a dream where I was shearing a near death exspearice with some one that was grate lisener .I was lost in a cave at vartec springs under water for a long periead i could not find my way out it was pich black as i was running out of air a voice said go down and i found my way out .that voice happend soon enough for me.<smile>


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What a great dream!!!



for real

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I was really lost in a pick dark cave under with no air, I hade sweem about 45 to 50 feet following a slight glow thinking it was the exit ,It was just a small plexy grass window .so I hade to go back where I had sweem from ,on the way back I saw anouther glow,It turned out to be a small hole that i could not fit through but I tryed any way, after getting cut down my arm and back by the raser sharp rock,I could not make it though.I hade to go back in the picth black cave.I was out of breath my harty was beating so hard that i was seeing white,It felt like my hart was going to jump out of my chest.I was still feeling around in the dark hopping for a mericale.That is when I heard the voice saying go down,so i swam down about 5 or 6 feet and felt a ledge I said this cant be the way out ,so with my last second I choose that way even though I did not seam that that was the way I had entered.When I reached the serfice I knew I was still soposto be alive.The dream was telling someone about the real exspereance that I had.It was a very long time under water ,the longest I,ve ever been.       I would not have learnd as much if I would have got out sooner.Soon is plenty good anough for me.

thank you...

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I am so excited for these events to unfold...Blessings, Mara


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I understand that many people are feeling desparate and impatient; many others are feeling angry and frustrated...but let's not forget that we are all responsible for the condition that human society and the Earth. Everything that happens in the external world is a refelction of what's WITHIN all of us individually and collectively, and vice versa. That's the nature of reality. So if we're dissatisfied with our external surroundings, then "maybe" we should put in the effort to change ourselves internally. A good start would be to take responsibility for current reality that we're experiencing on this planet, because we ARE responsible. (That's not to imply that we should be "ashamed"; ashamed is something different. We can be responsible, while also being strong, confident, centered, competent, and unashamed. That IS possible; if we'd only choose to be that way.)


In order to own up to our responsibility, we need to to have Acceptance. Acceptance is the key. We will not change our suroundings or ourselves by TRYING to change them; because by "trying" to change something, you keep continually creating the scenario that the "problem" that you wish to change is still occurring. It's a catch 22. The answer is to ACCEPT things the way they are, and to FOLLOW YOUR HIGHEST DESIRES for the "things" that you Love (such as yourself, others, the Earth, etc.) NOT because you think you need to "fix" them, but simply because Loving and Serving your Loved Ones is what you Love to do; you Love to Lovingly taking good care of life's treasures simply because you Love life's treasures, PERIOD. (Unless you don't.) There are no obligations, no protocols, there's nothing that you HAVE to do - so that leaves you with one sensible choice - do what you ENJOY doing, simply because you ENJOY doing it. Follow your highest satisfaction in every moment, "just because" it FEELS right. JUST BECAUSE IT FEELS RIGHT. : ] (Over-thinking is not the way. Intellectual thought is a useful tool when it helps you to follow your HIGHEST JOY in a practical manner. Let your JOY be in charge - and your intellectual thought be the faithful servant of your Joy [not the other way around] - if and when your thoughts are useful in that respect. And during the times that your intellectual thought is NOT necessary as a tool to help you follow your Joy, then give your thoughts a rest! They do not need to be "cranking away" for no reason! Why leave the tool cranking when it is not needed?) : ]


Anyway, that's the long way of saying "soon" is good enough for me, because if I am incessantly impatient or desparate, then that means I'm still being judgmental and that I haven't really learned to be Unconditionally Accepting. & again, Acceptance is the first step; continual Acceptance is the key that unlocks the door to Prosperity.

Let me expound a little...

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I reread my tangent and yup, I'd better expound. I can imagine people reading it and saying, "This doesn't make sense! If I quiet my thoughts, then I won't even be able to function! And I won't be able to 'follow my highest desires', because I won't even HAVE desires if I don't even have any thoughts!"


...It's not like you "kill" your intellect completely when you silence the mental chatter in your head; it's just that you balance out the intellectual left side of your brain with the imaginative/creative right side of your brain...and that way, your mind isn't always incessantly chirping away, and you only use your intellect when necessary - in a calmer, smoother sort of way. But let it be known that your intellect (<< aka the "noise in your head") is not the source of your joy / satisfaction / desires. Neither is your intellect the source of your intentions. Your intentions/joy/desires/satisfaction come from a deeper part within you, which I call the 'Inner-Self'. The Inner-Self could be described as the naturally-correlative combination of your soul/feelings/inner energy-body. 

See, the intellect is only a small portion of your Overall Consciousness. In fact, it's only a small portion of your vast and multifacted mind, and yet even your overall mind is only one aspect of your Overall Consciousness. All three 'Master Faulties' of YOU (<< soul, body and mind) are inter-connected, correlative and co-operative. Said 'faculties' have different functions, but they're not separated from each other, and they're not separate from you either; they ARE you...they are different parts of you that co-operate and combine to make a whole, which is You.


So during the times that you "tone down" your intellect or silence it completely, you are still very aware, functional, intelligent and conscious; in fact, you are often evem MORE so, because you're not feeding most of your energy to that noise-maker in your head. When your intellect is tamed, then your energy can be more evenly distributed amongst your ENTIRE Consciousness and COMPLETE Self. This will sharpen your focus and enhance your awareness. You'll discover parts of you that you didn't even know existed. And you'll find how how joyous you become in the Present Moment if you put in the effort to tame your intellect when it's practical to do so (<< ie, when you don't need to use it during the relatively infrequent situations when it's practical to listen to a machine-like 'voice' in head trying to make sense of things in a rigid, Spock-like manner). And in many (or most) cases, "critical thinking" will no longer be necessary; critical thinking will be replaced by Critical Consciousness, which will result in

you utilizing even MORE coherence and intelligence in your decision-making, because there will be no incessant noise in your head to distract you from your Entire Consciousness.


Anyway, to get back to the original point- there is no need to fear "losing your mind" or losing your coherence when you quiet your intellect. You'll be perfectly coherent and functional, and you'll finally be "in the clear" to "tune in" to your highest intentions / joy / desires / satisfaction. You'll find that many times your joy will arise from IDEAS that you have, but your ideas do not come from your intellect; they come from Inner-Self. An idea or inspiration is not the same thing an as intellectual thought. (Ever notice how you "suddenly" get the best ideas when you stop thinking?) Your ideas come from a part of your Consciousness that is beyond the chirping intellect. When you're mind is balanced (and YOU are balanced overall), your imagination and intellect co-operate to INTERPRET your ideas and come up with creative ways to express those ideas. But an idea is basically the same thing as a desire, and again, a desire is not the same thing as a thought.