Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/27/12 ‘Communiqué from our Commanders’

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What about containment?

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What about containment? I'm not sure everyone is on the same page here....

What can we do?

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This message (although very good) needs to be directed to people like the Military and law officials. The average mother with kids, who works full time to pay all the bills can't just start arresting people or go knock down doors. We would be arrested and fired from our jobs.


You need to approach Heads of the military one on one to get this done. The people still don't know all what the Cabal has done. There has to be disclosure on this and names announced on TV on what they did (then you will see an outpour).  The average person can't just go grab a gun and arrest people without themselves being arrested. We have children to raise.  So this is why we just "wait and hope" that the right people who can do this will. Please don't get angry at us (the average mom or dad raising families).

-----Love and light------

Who is the real audience of this message?

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Isn't containment meant for after they are arrested? 


It seems to me that this message is meant for those that are meant to be "knocking down doors" as their service.  Lightworkers have other jobs to do.

Containment does not have to

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Containment does not have to be physical. I have been directed to be...places. To help anchor energy. If any read star wars...think of it as a "gravity well generator" like used to pull ships out of hyperdrive...containment..preventing them from fleeing. I have been helping with this, but I'm not sure in what way I do so. My physical presence affects something. Consider that there may need to be no overt action at all. Think of the crystalline grid...



What, bear arms?

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This simply does not resonate with me......anyone who asks me to bear arms and act in a violent way is NOT working from a higher perspective......please use your discernment.....

I agree completely, the GFL

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I agree completely, the GFL would never tell people to "pick up your arms". I've felt that Greg has been off for a while now, and while the messages contain much truth, they also contain much that comes from Greg's own mind.

some of us feel uncertain how

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some of us feel uncertain how to help and do not wish to propogate violence. Please consider this.

Somewhat mixed messages...

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I have heard message after message about loving our brothers and sisters even that dark ones, the Cabal etc. Blood shed is not what needs to be done... This message is talking about knocking down doors and doing whatever it takes to do the job.  I do realize that we can encounter resistance from the Cabal while trying to arrest them and those parties making the arrests have to protect themselves...

This message talks of picking up arms and taking the law into our own hands so to speak... I believe that there are those that are making the arrests... Granted, I believe that the arrests need to happen NOW... The eveidence is there... Make the arrests... This message as it is sent to everyone gives off some violent tones which I so not agree with... Who can we can that is in charge of making these arrest and put some pressure on them... Is there a list of all those to be arrested... How do we obtain that...

Please clarify this message and it's content...

Another huge step backwards

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Another huge step backwards from disclosure and assistance.


Try back in another 1,000 years

The channeling by Greg Giles on 8/27

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This was brought to my attention by one of my subscribers. I plan to do a video about it tomorrow, which will be posted, as every day, on YouTube and Facebook, as well as in many groups. I've already written the title and blurb...

A channeled message that came out recently as a "Communiqué from Our Commanders" and the Galactic Federation of Light seemed to call for violent arrest and overthrow of the cabal. While I too feel impatience that these individuals have not been dealt with yet, I do not advocte violence as the manner to do it. Such messages, to me, can only lead to more abuses. The message inidcated that the Higher Forces cannot accomplish this. It is up to the people of earth to do it. In a sense, this is true; however, the real transformation can only occur through the power of Love, not violence. I recommend being very leary of any message, no matter where it claims to come from, that advocates violence.


The message also perpetuates

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The message also perpetuates the illusion that people need to "take back their freedom" from some outside source. The Cabal only fooled people into thinking they weren't free, the only prison that binds Humanity is in their own minds.