A Message from God ~ Inner Shift ~ 26 Jan 2012 ~Galactic Love Reporter Laura ~

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A Message from God ~ Inner Shift ~ 26 Jan 2012

~Galactic Love Reporter Laura ~


Laura: Thank you for coming in contact with me, dear God. Thank you for your love and protection. Please if you care to give a message for all of us.
God: Thank you for your work, dear Laura. The times ahead are unequalled in terms of joy, happiness, and events coming together. Merging and converging is now what is taking place. Like the waters of all worldly rivers merging into the big mother ocean, your lives are uniting. This takes place on many levels; many lives and people are coming together. Your higher bodies are also merging into your body in order to life you up.
This coming together inside is carrying out a general cleansing at a cellular level. It may be imperceptible right now to you all, but rest assured there are great changes taking place inside of your very core, my beloved.

.Once this cellular restructuration takes place, your entire world will shift. The shift will take place for each and everyone of you internally at first. Then you, my beloved human creations, you will carry Mother Earth along with you into the higher realms.
This cleansing process I speak of may be painful for some of you, it is nevertheless a necessary step for your body’s Ascension. You will take your body with you into the higher realms, so it is natural that you should focus on clearing your body of residual pains, unbalanced energies and hurtful body cellular memory, which are elements holding you back into the 3 level of density.
Be at peace, be joy and love, all is going according to plan. Trust in yourself, have trust in love.
Channeled by Laura

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stolen art

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the owner of this site is STEALING art!

He has no morlas, and is NOT interested in enlightenment except to bring more gullible people to his site so he cvan get advertising dollars!


This art is copyrighted work, and the owner of this site claims it is linked to the original and that that is not a violation of copyright, but the original arrt has since been replaced with another image but it is not ebing changed here, which proves this art is copied to this server and that IS a violation of my copyright!


The owner is a thief and a liar and is scamming all of you! If you believe he cares one bit about enlightenment or any of the things he espouses on this site, then you are a fool!


William Harader is a thief a liar and a con man!


William Harader is a thief a liar and a con man!

William Harader is a thief a liar and a con man!

William Harader is a thief a liar and a con man!

William Harader is a thief a liar and a con man!

William Harader is a thief a liar and a con man!

William Harader is a thief a liar and a con man!

William Harader is a thief a liar and a con man!

William Harader is a thief a liar and a con man!

William Harader is a thief a liar and a con man!



if he were not so, why does he not sue me for slander?????


Perhaps because I don't take

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Perhaps because I don't take it personally and would gain nothing from suing you? I'd be harming myself more than you if I bothered with a long and complicated legal process. You're free to insult me all you like, doesn't cause any harm to me.


deviantArt likely hasn't updated their cache yet, which is why the old image is still showing. If you know what you're doing with an internet browser, you can easily tell the image is still one from dA. I'm going to remove it now anyway. We've decided we really don't want to be associated with dA anymore, what we've experienced from the members, things like threats of physical violence, is certainly not something we want on our site.

then explain this

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then perhaops you can tell me why, if the image was only linked here, I was actually able to DOWNLOAD a copy of it from here ?????????


You sir are nothing but a scam artist and con-man, and you fo not even believe all the stuff you post here.


But I have to ask you one question... there are hundreds of websites online that offer free fractals and othe images, entirely free and free for use without copyrights or restrictions and you could easily get your images from those sites, so why do you coninually INSIST on using artwork from deviantArt without asking permission and without giving credits and why do you make fun of those who ask you not to use their work????


You call this ENLIGHTENED?????? You find this to be SPIRITUAL BEHAVIOR????


If all the fools who contribute money to you, and all your advertisers KNEW what an IMMORAL person you were, they would refuse to donate or advertise here, and you KNOW it!


So here is my challenge, I want you to post, in a long article, the truth, that you aresuing other people's art without permission and without even asking first, so everyone who comes here will know thew truth of who they are dealing with. If you refiuse to do this, then I take that as a full admission of your guilt! You CAN'T post such an admission, because nobody would be dumb enough to donate if you did... and yet, we both know this is true, because you have done this to  me as well as many many many of my friends!









I'm going to repeat this

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I'm going to repeat this again. We used to use images from deviantArt because deviantArt allows other sites to hotlink the images on their site. Had we known the users of deviantArt didn't want this to happen, we wouldn't have put the images on our site. We figured since the artists put their images up on a site that allows hotlinking, something most artists who are concerned with having their art displayed elsewhere would never do, they were okay with having their images hotlinked. Despite what we're doing being perfectly legal, the users give a non-exclusive lincense for deviantArt to display their images, we do take down the images when the artists requests.


If you want a real solution, take this up with deviantArt, they're the ones that allow any site on the Internet to display your images and they serve them up from their site.

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