Message from he Earth Allies: The Raising of the Phoenix is Now

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The Raising of the Phoenix is Now




It's over!

The nightmare, the dream... is crumbling Now and the Light Phoenix in each and every=One is now free to raise again!

Thank you! Thank you to All.

You've kept the Light, you've kept the Vision, you've kept the Truth.

Even during challenging times, even through what seemed loneliness, endless time... even when noOne seemd to understand what you did... You Did It!

And the Light has spread.

And the Light was allowed to come in, through you, each and every=One of You! Even when it seemd it was not changing, it was!

The old world is crumbling, illusion is not able to bear more Light and is craking all over, from each and every side and place. And you're the Ones that grounded the Light into this old energy seeding it with Love, nurturing it with your Thoughts, with your Creative Wish.

Even when you were not aware your Love was stronger than your fears and doubts. Never looking back, one step at a time and sometimes jumping!

HUmanity... Look at yourself... It's graduation day! 

You saw the fire of Love under the ashes and brought it to Life again, blowing away the illusion you allowed the Light to Be. In You, throguh You.

Thank you. 

Now it's time to enjoy this Light Being it in the most simple way you can find... YourSelf. Your True Self. It's here. It's in your Heart reach. Enjoy it Humanity!



Whatever you'll see now, is only it's fading away as it's replaced by the New. By Love and Joy, by the Truth! 




All our Love, your Earth Allies