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Welcome beloved brothers and sisters, we are here to guide and support you as you begin to move through the changes that are the new energies across planet earth. Many of you are struggling with illusion just now as the illusion tries to teach that nothing has changed, that the world is the same as it was yesterday. We are here to guide you strongly to detach from this teaching as it is not truth. Once more we ask you to process all of our guidance and words through your hearts.

The world FEELS different dear ones, those who have moved from mind to heart centred living will resonate with these words. Those who are struggling with the mind and trying to move to heart may have more difficulty with our guidance. The illusion will try to teach strongly that the world goes on, that today is yet another day in the life journey that is for humans all over the planet a daily struggle. Many of you are being drawn back into illusion by reading and listening to the media across the planet who are attempting to replant seeds of fear amongst the human population where the seeds have been weeded out.

It is vital at this time dear ones to keep your energy system clear and protected. This is something that many struggle with, trying as they might not to interact with the media but failing to sit and clear out their energy system. Failure to clear out your energy system dear ones will result in many feeling clogged or not quite right. Illusion teaches much through the media but uses those who are still asleep to continue the teachings, we guide you to be aware of this at all times.

Detaching from the media is the first step dear ones but aware that those around you who are asleep will attempt to “educate” you as to the latest “disaster” that has befallen the world. Know that they do not do this on a conscious level to lower your vibration but the affect may well be that you waiver and fall back into a lower vibration. It is possible to detach totally from “world” events, these are events on a global scale that have seeds of fear at their core dear ones, all designed to lower the vibration of all, so those asleep will have an even denser vibration as they absorb more fear and attempt to pass the fear to those who are no longer asleep. Do you understand out analogy dear ones, do you understand how illusion works at all times?

Planet earth has undergone a major transformation, the energies are not the same as they previously were and this is beginning to help awaken those who have chosen to enlighten at a faster speed than their predecessors. Many of you are amongst this group of humans, humans who have only awoken in the past few years. These are the humans who may have problems detaching fully from illusion as the illusion is stronger in some areas than ever before as it works to keep all in a lower vibration. Know dear ones that as your light intensifies and shines more brightly through, around and within you that illusion may work to use those around you to try to stifle that light. Again these humans are not aware at a conscious level of what they do, they are deep in illusion and all they attempt to do is done under the guise of LOVE. However the definition of LOVE for the illusion is always fear so in reality they work from fear.

Many struggle at this point with families especially an older generation who is asleep and out of touch with what is going on around them. Steeped in illusion they try to replant the seeds of fear and proclaim it is out of their love for you. We guide you in this position to recognise that fear is what is seeded and it from illusion. This may make your energy system dip and waiver and we guide you to be mindful of this. Many still walk with the illusion that mother or father knows best and we guide you to detach from this. Dear ones the expert on YOUR life and YOUR truth is YOU. It cannot be anyone else and no one else has the same life journey or experience as you do. They may be part of that life journey but they do not experience the life journey exactly as YOU do.

Many struggle trying to live and talk their truth whilst bound by families “values”. In this scenario we strongly guide for you to look within and see who these “values” serve. It may be that the family “values” have been handed down for so long and through so many generations that it will not be possible to define exactly what they are for. When you reach your truth then process that truth. If you find yourself at odds with the family “values” then acknowledge and accept this. Each of you chose this incarnation for a reason dear ones and many of you will have chosen to incarnate into families with very “solid” family “values”. This is done for you to challenge and to work truth through your BEing.

Please remember dear ones that the world is changing before your very eyes, that world is NOW dear ones. There is no past and no future, that is the teachings of illusion to rob you of the power of NOW. Therefore what has happened in the past and how a family have lived and taught each family member is not in the “past” as there is only now. Many feel a sense of guilt at not being able to blend in and settle within the family “pattern”. Again we guide that the new age is here and its about unity dear ones. This is not about bowing to illusion and that which was taught in fear. In reality you belong to one huge family, the family is so immense that the human brain will not be able to process readily. WE ARE ALL FAMILY, for WE ARE ALL ONE.

Look to deepest part of the human family teachings dear ones and go within to process what you were taught. Many of you will find that the teachings no longer serve you. Allow them to go dear ones, allow them to flow out so that the new can flow in to your heart. Do not allow guilt or anxiety to root within your BEing as these emotions are fear in disguise. Many of you are worried about losing your families of somehow being disowned by them if you stand up and speak you truth. This is where you have to hold the space for those who are asleep dear ones. Allow the truth to flow through you that YOU are who YOU are and that YOU cannot be any other. Know and recognise that those asleep are deep in illusion and allow them to BE who they are at this time. They will not be able to easily do this but YOU can dear ones, holding the higher vibration YOU will be able to see what holds them within illusion and YOU can help them by holding the space. Once they realise that YOU are YOU and that you live from TRUTH their fears may subside. We say may because in many scenarios it will not dear ones and you will have to hold the space for them at all times. Their words will not be able to penetrate YOUr BEing if you live from your heart and therefore your truth.

We appreciate and acknowledge how difficult a scenario this is for many and many will struggle but acceptance of all truth is the key dear ones. Not all will agree on the truth at any one time for in reality all truth is slightly different. Living from you heart centre will keep YOU in YOUr truth. LOVE IS dear ones, hold that LOVE in your heart and send it out to all around you. Allow the vibration of that LOVE to penetrate and soften the walls that they have build around their hearts dear ones. LOVE is the vibration that is the key to more knowledge, once you have allowed the vibration of the LOVE to enter your BEing you will begin to unlock more pieces of YOU.

We guide you to be aware of the illusion and its teachings of LOVE. Illusion will ridicule LOVE and many who are still within illusion will try to teach that LOVE is an emotion that solves nothing. How can wars be won and people victorious if they all experience this LOVE emotion? Well in truth the wars can NEVER be won dear ones for the war is always with the self. Each human being an aspect of another human, war solves nothing. It does nothing other than further seeds of fear and these seeds begin a ripple effect through the families of those involved in war and spreads out across the population. There is no “enemy” dear ones for all just IS. Illusion will teach separation and pain and fear, that is the fertile ground for fear dear ones. LOVE is the vibration that will heal fear and pain, allow that LOVE to flow through your heart and out into the universe, allow that LOVE to touch everything in your life. Remember dear ones many use the definition of LOVE that illusion uses, we are guiding about the LOVE that IS, not romantic LOVE.

The LOVE that IS is felt on connecting to source dear ones, it is a LOVE that cannot fully be expressed in words such is the depth of feeling involved. YOU are moving out of the mind dear ones and into the HEART. It is a time of FEELing that new world of being connected to every living thing in the universe. Allow yourself time to get used to this feeling as for many it may be too overwhelming to start with, humans have lived in a vacuum of emotion for so long the feeling of LOVE can be a new one. Allow yourself to get to know LOVE and all that it entails.

Move out of the mind that will teach you from illusion, it will teach that LOVE is a fantasy, well dear ones human life is a fantasy, it is a dream in which you live and breathe, would you not want your fantasy to be full of LOVE? That dream is created each moment by your thoughts, do you see how illusion works to use your thoughts to keep you at a lower vibration. Anything that you dream you can BE. YOU are that powerful dear ones. That is why the illusion tries to keep you in the lower vibration of fear, if all humans were to realise how powerful their thoughts were then the world would change much faster. We guide against trying to do this as you cannot awaken another human who is asleep unless they agreed to awaken at that point prior to incarnation. As this is information that is not available to humans once incarnated upon the planet earth you may fall further back into illusion as the frustration of not being able to awaken another takes hold. We guide that to try to awaken another if they do not wish to be awakened does not serve anyone. We hope our guidance is clear around this and we will seek to clarify if it is not.

We step back now to allow you to absorb our guidance. We are your brothers and sisters from the stars dear ones, we love you, we have always loved you. Be gentle with yourselves as you move into living from your hearts. There is no rush, no end goal , there just IS. Enjoy each moment dear ones and be mindful of your thoughts for they create at all times. Detach from illusion and walk in LOVE. We are the high council of orion. WE ARE ONE.