Message from SaLuSa on the Middle East ~ 16 Nov 2012

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SaLuSa: “Dear crew members, we are soon approaching 2013. The year is fast coming to an end. With that in mind, the cabal is racing to make the boat rock before Planetary Ascension and to lower Earth’s energies vibrations in anger, revenge, fear, hate, and mass murders. The cabal will try everything to rock the boat and prevent Earth’s Ascension.


What we see now developing in the Middle East is a result of their resolve to lower the loving and peace vibrations, which have been travelling fast around the globe for the past couple of weeks.


You must not allow the flow of negativity into your heart, you must observe the situation, but please do not allow your selves to have your emotions pulled into taking sides into this conflict.


Remember that Ascension requires for you to have the ability to distance yourself from dramas unfolding and to be impartial. There is much karma to be resolved between both parties of the newly started conflict.

The people of these zones are being used by the cabal and are being manipulated into hatred of the portrayed hereditary enemy.


What has been behind the conflict in Jerusalem, is far beyond the imaginable and pre-dates any officially recorded historical episodes.

The conflict is likely to escalade and spill to other nations, who also have hidden interests in Jerusalem and particularly in the Dome.


Do not allow yourselves to go into fear mode. Know that your power is immense and the power of love is even greater. Although the situation looks at its worse right now from so many perspectives, know that this a created and planned situation by the cabal to ensure the spread of negative vibrations on Earth’s surface.


In order to overcome the challenges ahead, in the remaining few weeks, the Earth’s population will need to unite and awaken from the slumber it has carefully been engineered.


The pain and suffering of those in the war zone should not leave you indifferent, by all means. We do encourage you to send loving thought, prayers, and help any practical way end the war in the Middle East. However ensure that you are not taking sides and are not judging those who are the mere puppets of the cabal.


We send our love and light to you all as usual, and wish to assure you that you have a very important part to play in Mother Earth’s final Ascension Chapter, dear ones. This remains to be discovered by many of you yet.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and assure you that we keep monitoring the situation on your planet, as well as dealing with much of the loss taking place right now. Our part to play, as Ascended Masters, is to serve the divine. Although we understand that the divine’s way is often difficult to understand at times like these for many of incarnated souls.


Thank you


Channel: Laura / Multidimensional Ocean.




Thank you for this message.

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Thank you for this message. Sometimes I feel awkward/bad/unsure about reading what is happening that is of a negative vibration - as I do not want to attract more energy to it. However, it is hard not to pay attention to these events. 


Can anyone comment on the article that was posted earlier this year by Cobra (Red Pill) that relates to widespread mind control and other such matters. I read it before it was posted by any channels (found in a most random fashion when I sat down to search for information on Ascension). Some of the things in the article are eerily familiar with experiences in my life path.. it was said that many would need to deal with these truths, but I have not seen any mention. Was this a result of lower astral energies that were distracting us, or will more on this come out as the Cabale gets more despearate? 


Love and light, 



karma etc.

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Recently, a friend was commenting on the day 9/11 occured and was really shaken by what she was witnessing that day, but instead of skipping her meditation, she decided to go and meditate with the hope that it would lift her spirits. In the middle of her meditation she heard a message very clearly which said "It is not time to be sad." "Yes some people lost their lives today and to some this can appear to be a very grim situation, but what we see is that the amount of negative karma that has been lifted today, you have no idea how beneficial that actually is for all of Humanity." Needless to say, all her sadness was lifted in that meditiation, and we all learned a great lesson because of it. What makes this all so difficult is our inability to see any more than what is pretty much in front of our eyes. Perhaps learning to step out of the emotional attachment to a particular situation is also teaching us the beginnings of becoming 5d too, as well as all the other obvious benefits.

Sending love

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Generally I do not in any way seek out main stream media information as I know my inner guidance and angels will bring the information I need to see TO ME and so today, I overheard my beloved watching TV and this information came onto the set and I immediately had a knowing that this was a set up and I felt sad for the people who have to deal with it and especially their families, but then I remembered something that Aisha North and CC said about these events that BEFORE incarnating every being fully knows they will participate in something like this, so they absolutely from a soul perspective knew they were going to do this--and since, there is NO death, only return to pure positive energy, armed with these deep knowings I was simply able to send love and light to illuminate the darkness that was setting in and set about to clean up the vibration...I also discussed it with my beloved and shared my feelings on it and he pretty much agreed with me. That karma is being released and age old energetic patterns are being played out is not lost on me, but I remain steadfast in my belief that LOVE is the answer and as SaLuSA asked, I will remain in love and light and assist in any way I can to more strongly anchor love and light in this world! Hugs to you all...we knew the ride was gonna get just fasten your seat belts and remain in the light!

A Great Opportunity?

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Oh yes, the Cabal is behind this one.  Big surprise! I suspect they are also behind the latest Drilling Rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico.  I have no proof of either, but my gut tells me so, and in this post, Salusa tell us it is so.  Good enough for me.


Regardless - Let's every one us Lightworkers, Starseeds, Wayshowers and now, Curious Seekers who are coming on line for Light Work, Let's all send LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to Gaza, to Israel, and to the Gulf of Mexico and to their victims.


Every time one of these Cabal initiated events occurs Let's Crank Up the LOVE Vibration.  Let's Crank It Up Higher and Higher with each one of these events. Let's prove to ourselves and the Whole World that Love Triumphs over "evil" every time.


Let's Blast these Regions with Love and then Let's Blast the Cabal with Love. They just won't know what to do.


In fact both the Gulf and Middle East situations show us how desperate they have become.


Definition of Insanity: Repeating the same behavior over and over and expecting a different result.  "How's that working for you Cabal?"


Let's Blast the Cabal - Blast the Cabal - Blast the Cabal - with Love, Love, Love - the mightiest weapon of them all.


Dr Moe