~ Message from St Germain~ A Whisper Away

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"My Dear Ones Believe what you hear because you are but a whisper away from the most exciting event. An event that will reverberate all around the world. One that will move you to the promised changes and release you from the thraldom of centuries of oppression."

"You are powerful and are manifesting a New Vision for Earth, one that fulfills your desire to lift up and leave the old behind.....as you bring the New Earth into being, so your own evolution proceeds to gain pace and the enlightenment of the masses grows in intensity."

"What is taking place is unstoppable, and in it's ultimate expression will surpass your desires and ideas of what it is like to Ascend. Your experience shall be a unique and most exciting time."

"The cycle has to end in it's present expression, having served its purpose in allowing you to experience duality."

"Your Radiance is creating such a magnificent glow upon Earth that it is attracting the attention of other Light Beings who gather to witness your Ascension."

"What you are experiencing is contained in the energy you call "God." This profound energy permeates all that is , and has been your assurance that you would rise up out of the darkness.

You have always known that eventually you would have the opportunity to lift up again, into the Light that was your home before you accepted the challenge of duality.

It will be a most stupendous and great occasion, and the most de-light-ful and complete experience you have ever had."




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Love Wins!! Almost There! So Close I can taste It!! I send Huuuge Hugs to All my Family!! You Guys are so Amazing!! I Love You!!!

callie4allmoon ♥

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YEE HAAWW  Love is here!!!!  I am sooo ready family!