Message from Zolkol 12/20/11

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I am Zolkol. I am a being who has traveled here from many years into your future. Many events are transpiring within your realm and I wish to give you a clearer picture of this. Currently, two sides are engaged in a struggle which pits the forces of light against the forces of darkness. You are all a part of this struggle, and if each of you understand your roles in this battle more clearly, your actions may very well be more sharply defined, meaning that instead of spending so much of your time ‘sitting on the fence’, as it were, you would actively seek participation in this, your epic saga. Choose now your weapon. Will it be a sword of light and truth, or will your arms be a weapon of fear and destruction? We all have our roles to play, and this karmic battleground is the arena we have agreed to fight in until one side emerges victoriously. This battle must be fought; there can be no other solution to this drama that has pitted these two opposing forces against each other for ages.


Do you find passion in your heart and fire in your spirit for truth, light, love, freedom and justice, or does your heart beat to the drumming of war, destruction, fear, and hate? Search inside yourselves and seek this answer, for it is this answer that will reveal to you your mission that you have agreed to undertake throughout this incarnation. One side will emerge victorious; the other shall suffer defeat and the consequences of their campaign. No matter the outcome, your role has been defined before your birth into the physical. This is your truth, one of many truths those that seek shall discover in your many days before you.


The battle cry can be heard in the distance. To whom do you owe allegiance? Don your armor, choose your weapon. The battle has begun.


I am Zolkol.


As channeled through Greg Giles