~Miracles in Kansas~ Never Give Up

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 By dolphinpoet

Hello, Lightworkers. I haven't posted on the site in over a year; with the year I've had, perhaps I should have been, but things are getting better, slowly. Today I wanted to share the story of my friend David because he has definitely been touched by something. I filmed an interview with David and his friend Dustin for my newspaper, but also to get their story out to the rest of the world; they are both experiencing the same miracle and their story is very inspirational. I hope that by sharing it, others will be inspired to never give up hope and to promote love and peace for all.

The short version of the story is this:

David was involved in a hunting accident in 1994; he was 14 years old, a budding track star and all-around great athlete. He was shot in the back at close range and paralyzed from the waist down. His doctor told him he would never walk or play sports again and he has been in a wheelchair ever since. In April of 2013, he says off camera, that he was overwhelmed with positive energy, like god had a thumb on him, filling him with energy and ideas. In August of 2013 he started to begin to feel his legs again and on the day of my interview, he used a walker, unassisted, to help him take his first steps since his accident.

His friend Dustin was diagnosed as a quadriplegic after an alcohol-related car accident in 2010; doctors told him the same thing and he too is able to move his limbs now, but did not have the spiritual experience that David had. And they aren't the only ones. It seems like more and more disabled people are being able to use their limbs again. David thinks its a sign that the meek are getting ready to inherit the Earth.

I must say, being around David just fills you with good feelings. It was a little overwhelming for me at first; I hadn't seen David in a long time and was having a bad day the first time we talked in person about his new experiences, but after just a few minutes, I just wanted to go back over to him and just hang around. It's pretty amazing.

Thanks so much, Lightworkers! When we bring everyone together in peace and love and show those that dwell in darkness that there is another way to live, we will change the world!