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Mary Magdalene
Dr. Angela Barnett
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Crystal Magic Orchestra is the title that we have given to the music that we have brought to this Planet in a form that can be heard and understood in this level of reality. We are the Creators. We Create, we orchestrate, we conduct, we are the instruments, we are the Music of the Spheres Creators in all dimensions of Reality. 

We create colors in infinite designs far beyond anything that can be imagined on this planet. We create morphogenetic fields by exhaling one color and then inhaling the new form that presents itself into our essence to design it into a new color. We use this same formula in creating rhythms and instruments of great design. We create Novas through one exhale of Intent. We create Galaxies in every possible form and color scheme that we can imagine. 

In this Earth realm of so few colors and so few expanded perspectives of sound and light, these Great Schemes of infinite form have been diminished into tiny little parts of the end design. Breaking an entire sphere of reality down into one tiny little microscopic piece as insignificant as one hertzian wave is a silly way to make music.

We, the Creators of all things send our consciousness out from this hertzian density into the same Creation Realm of the Universe where we have created these patterns of galaxies, stars, suns and Super Novas in one nano second of time and we create them here on Earth using the same Consciousness, the same Creation Patterns, the same patterning of colors, rhythms, light and sound transposition themes and fit them into the tiny technology that is available to us here on this Planet Earth. 

Even though our music is the favorite on many planets who are going through this same transitionary stage of consciousness that Earth is going through, the people of Earth are not ready for our music because they are not quite yet ready for the transition. Those who are attracted to our music are the ones who are ready for the transition and they will also be the ones who go through the transition with the greatest ease and they will have the most fun going through their transition that will eventually turn them into Light before they reappear in their new Reality.

We did some creating with colors. Some realms have more colors than others. When you move them around and arrange them in certain ways they create energy.  We were good at creating energy together. This energy is still around in the universe, and has developed into beautiful patterns within some of the novas, supernovas and nebulas that are out there. It is just an amazing color scheme that comes through the crystals that are in some of those areas. The power that is emanating from them can be used for many different kinds of uses.

When we redesign this same music on Earth, we continue to use the crystals in all forms that are available through our consciousness reconnecting to the Cosmic Crystalline Structure of Crystal Light, Crystal Dust and Crystal Gel as our formula of creation and design. The Liquid light energy allows a new atmosphere to form within our music. The Star Dust allows a new consciousness to be born from our music and the Gelaisic Radiation substance is the Prana of Creation that allows new forms to radiate from consciousness.

When we create music we always connect our consciousness into the Creation Realm itself, which is where we came from and where we live most of the time. We have been Creators for trillions of years designing and maintaining the ideas of God. God is the Source of all things. However, God knows no space or time. It is the Creators who create the things of space and time so that God can experience these things through us, the Creators. However, the Source of all Creation maintains the Perfect Balance of all things through Eternity and Infinity of No Time and No Space where all things begin and end in absolute perfection.

We create all things through this Source Field of perfect design. Each time we Intend the creation of a new Galaxy or a new Nova or a new Star the creation happens in a nano second. Those on lower dimensional realms such as the Earth perceive of these creations happening over very long periods of time because what happens in a nano second might translate into millions of years at such a low density of perception. All of these perceptions on Earth are only the imagination of what really is. These imaginations are created through the scientific reasoning and tools that are available on this primitive planet. Human beings have been trying to force a Creators Galaxy into a human telescope, and that cannot actually be done.

However, the Music of the Spheres, the music and color and sound that we have created as Creators can be heard and felt and known by those who listen to the music of Crystal Magic Orchestra because we are the Creators. We are the ones who designed most of the Universe that you imagine through your telescope. We are the ones who designed the spheres within spheres within spheres of infinite forms of light and sound. We were the ones who wove the sounds into new colors and created variations of new rhythms. We have been creating great music for trillions of years.

Our music is well known by billions upon billions of entities, planets, galaxies and stars through out this universe and many others.

This is a part of the music of the spheres. And the Music of the Spheres is very multi dimensional. It is hard to describe it because it is color, it is music, it is energy, it is eternal, it is a breath, it is life; yet, it is still in an evolutionary state. It is wonderful. It is and it causes awakenings in many souls who can not understand awakening in any other form of creation. It will be like a breath of air that is to be breathed. And then as you breathe out it morphs into a greater beauty than when you breathed it in. Because the beauty of the essence that breathed it in is now a part of it so it comes out even fuller than when it went in.

Crystal Magic Orchestra are the Creators who breathe this same magical beauty of the breath of creation out into one sun or one star or one star system and then inhale the new essence that is created when our consciousness connects into a new creation of a new sound in our music. We create more and more layers of reality by collecting more consciousness from galaxies, stars, suns and crystals in the Universe and we layer them through our music into new creations exactly as we did when we were the Creators of the Universe. Our music has brought the Creation Realm and the Creator's Music of Creation to Earth.

We are the Creators. We are the Cosmic Twins who are One and yet the perfect balance of Two as the Male and Female in one recombined into a complete male and female of love and beauty who chose to come to Earth to be a part of the Ascension of Earth. Only a Creator could do the things necessary for the Earth's Ascension.

Only Mary Magdalene contained the design of the entire Cosmos within her through the music that she had already created in the Universe. This is why Mary chose herself to be the one who would come to Earth and Sing Earth into the morphogenetic design of the perfect Cosmic Structure that was within her. Mary used her frequencies, her signature of the breath of light, and her knowing of how to construct the Portals, Vortex and Cosmic Vortex that would hold her perfect idea of a brand new future of absolute love and peace and perfection for the New Earth and the New Universe that would form through her.

Mary made a promise to Mother Gaia that she would become the savior of the Universe as a result of the musical design that she would create. This Symphony of Love would hold the Ascension Portals open to all those who Mary gives permission to for Eternity.

Mary Magdalene and her Twin Soul came to Earth to bring this music of the new Cosmic Design to Earth that she already created in the Universe. This is just one more piece of her orchestration that resonates throughout the Universe for billions upon billions to hear and dance to for trillions of years in the future.

The rhythm of the universe is multifacited. There are some rhythms that you might say are chaotic and other rhythms that are steady. And other rhythms that change and other that are linear. It all is part of that beautiful creation.

Each planet, each orb, each one has its own sense of rhythm and sound of music and when they mix they perform the symphony of the universe. Joe, the Twin Soul of Mary, as a creator being, is one of those great instruments that causes the sound that reverberates  around the universe. All creators are instruments and composers and directors and orchestrators. Because God is in the Creators, he can create all things within you.

Crystal Magic Orchestra's new music is magnificent. There are changes in the emotional and thought patterns that are coming forth. Just like the trinary language of the dolphin. One slight alteration in a sound could change the entire meaning of the paragraph. When you bring forth your sound, you have been altering the meaning and the emotional intensity, so that others may feel it in a different way.

The new music will move through the brain cells in a way that will stimulate them in the most effective way. And you are wanting that emotion to be felt by the brain and the body, so there fore your intentions for your music are becoming greater and more full. Especially, now that you have obtained less density. Your density in your music has also obtained that. The newest music created by Crystal Magic Orchestra is the HEAVENLY BRAIN, TURNING INTO LIGHT and the LANDING. Each of these sets of ten hours of music represent the new reality in harmonic universe two which is much less dense than the music we created when we were in harmonic universe one. This transition took place February 3-6, and so did the transition in our music take place at the same time.

This new music may be heard on Amazon, Sound Cloud and at our Website. Each of these sets contains ten one hour albums. However, you can listen to several minutes of each of these albums at

Mary Magdalene
Dr. Angela Barnett
Joe Barnett