My personal Disclosure~

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new beginning In the light of the Disclosure movie , given by the 2012 Scenario site, I felt compelled to write my own Disclosure. And I wonder how a personal Disclosure will look. I agree it will be on a personal level, acknowledging my star brothers and sisters. On an early age I was attracted to stories about UFO’s, Shamanism and further on in live to Wicca and eventually lead me four years ago to the Galactic Federation. Their messages increased the light in myself. So as I stand here before you, I acknowledge their presence here in the skies and in space. Even though I didn’t have the chance to see it for myself in my own eyes, but there is so much evidence on the Internet. They are coming in peace and want to help us with our Ascension. Help! Not doing it for us. I am so happy to be here in during this time and I am so excited.

Within my heart burns the fire of Disclosure, a fire that is spreading so fast it cannot be contained. My Star Brothers and Sisters, I welcome you all to this beautiful planet called Earth/Gaia. Where billions of hearts will come together as ONE. I look upon the sky, and I see cloud ships, giving them my Love as they sail by and I wonder…maybe our Star Brothers and Sisters are watching us in that cloud. My heart sings with joy as Disclosure has begun. There is no stopping of abundance that is coming with it. Can you feel the anticipation in the air, the happiness, the Love…. Welcome, welcome….

This maybe not a perfect disclosure, but it is my disclosure. Wouldn’t it be great to fire up a personal disclosure throughout the world, throughout the Internet?


Love Lisa



This week I've seen the same

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This week I've seen the same thing two separate times. Watching the planes in the sky making chemtrails (ugh) and then I see this craft, which is white. It's just flying along with no chemtrails coming off of it. It was way off in the sky, and so it was very small. I watched it, trying to figure out if it was a plane. And then it just DISAPPEARED. I was quite thrilled! I just wish they would've stuck around longer! But I know now that I will be seeing more and more of these. I talk to the clouds now. My children think I'm nuts. :-D



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Your personal Disclosure message is BEAUTIFUL!
I also wish to make MY personal disclosure and welcome our Galactic Brothers and Sisters!

WELCOME WITH MUCH LOVE! We are ready for YOU to land on our planet and be welcomed with open arms!

Maybe if enough of us from the ground will respond to this message from Lisa and add our own "WELCOME", it will speed up Disclosure. Let's try it!!


My personal disclosure

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Thanks lisa


To all,


I made a group in face book. My personal disclosure. What about you?

You can write your own personal disclosure here, in any form you want. Writing, video, singing, dancing, photographs, music and so.... any media you can find!


<a href=””>Facebookpage</a>


It would be nice to spread this message , so that we have many personal disclosure.