My Universal truth

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The heart has consciousness and can achieve self awareness, the mind has consciousness and can also achieve self awareness, we are either of great heart with little knowledge or of great knowledge with little heart. Because the heart need's the mind as the mind need's the heart it is from duality. They are unlimited and infinite amount's of information from the cosmos and beyond, there is sense's over our mind's and heart's capability's in oneness but we achieve god consciousness. The heart and mind, from "oneness" working in perfect conjunction attain by meditation, is key that open's only when they are at same level of frequencies. Again, It open's Vortex of energies within our body's. They are unlimited, infinite amount's of information from the cosmos and beyond, they are sense's beyond our imaginable mind's and god consciousness, if we realize and use this god consciousness for the need's of our mind's or heart's they will become self aware. When the heart and mind are one frequency of same level you will have achieved neutrality. And will be of GREAT heart and GREAT knowledge... but is yet unstable in some of us... Again the vortex fluctuates when the heart is receiving extreme frequency's and the mind is aware of this information it will use it and emotion's will become duality. As for emotion's come from the heart achieved by the mind without proper connection heart and mind will send negativity through our body's and this is why people get sick. The mind let's the heart down as when the heart let's the mind down they let the body down and begins to connect out of oneness. Depression, psychosis, maniac episodes, illness, cancer, some cancer is form of illness curable by oneness. In oneness the heart and the mind need a balancing point, this is with meditation and self discipline from within the mind. When they are at same frequency levels, balanced in perfect harmonies, ascension begins and enters the first stage of it's process. If you keep on accepting everything from heart and keep on balancing the mind with meditation and discipline you will find your true self. With no belief's and no thought's that can upset you, you can never fail in life, if mistake's are made the outcome would be happening for a reason and this reason get's fixed as soon as you attain balance of the two, mind and soul, within body, and the decree of time is dependent of how long you are out of atonement.



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There is no true point unless you make one, the same way I'm making one that never existed but was created by you.