Natural Remedies: Immune Deficiency, Repairing Heart Muscle Damage & Science And Prayer

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(editor's note: In time, the science of light and sound will advance so that we can update our medical centers, similar to those used on our Healing Ships.
Awakening within us all is the ability to completely heal ourselves.
As our bodies evolve from carbon-based to a crystalline-based structure, we must all learn how to properly nourish and treat our physical body.
Through this "Natural Remedies" segment I hope to introduce you to methods of healing you may not have tried, as well as building your knowledge base so you can help others.


Today I bring you three stories; natural ways to boost your immune system, new research on the ability of damaged heart muscle to regenerate without the use of stem cells, and finally a news article encouraging scientists to study the miraculous effects of prayer.
~Be well, all my Love, Boo)


Immune Deficiency


Toxins from food and the environment, a poor diet and stress can all contribute to an impaired immune system. Specialized cells that help fight off infections and damage are produced by the thymus gland, the spleen and other organs. They are carried throughout the body via the lymphatic system.

So naturally, a balanced diet, moderate exercise, fresh air (and good breathing practices) and sunshine all work together to keep your immune system in tip top shape.

Here are some other natural remedies:

* Echinacea, Siberian ginseng, Wild Indigo, Thuja, and Chamomile all help mobilize immune system cells and stimulate their disease fighting activity.

* Vitamins A, C and E are known as antioxidants and stimulate immunity.

* Immune cocktail: put 3 carrots, 1 orange, 1 apple, and half a beet through a juicer.

* Natural antibacterials: include freshly grated or chopped garlic, horseradish, or onions in your diet to fight harmful bacteria.

* Enjoy a hot steam bath with mint oil which kills bacteria on the mucous membranes and stimulates the formation of antibodies.


Scar Tissue Turned Into Heart Muscle Without Using Stem Cells


Scientists at Duke University Medical Center have shown the ability to turn scar tissue that forms after a heart attack into heart muscle cells using a new process that eliminates the need for stem cell transplant.


James B. Duke professor of medicine and chancellor of health affairs at Duke University (said) "If you can do this in the heart, you can do it in the brain, the kidneys, and other tissues. This is a whole new way of regenerating tissue."


Should Scientists Study Prayer?


In "Testing Prayer: Science and Healing," published this month by Harvard University Press, Candy Gunther Brown argues that the practice of praying for healing can and should be a subject for scientific study.


She has traveled across the United States and to Canada, Brazil and Mozambique to watch how people in different cultures pray for healing. She also has examined medical records, conducted surveys, tested people's hearing and vision, and performed follow-up interviews to better understand what's involved.[status]=3&search[sort]=date+desc&search[has_multimedia]=