~New Cobra Report~ June 18th 2012~ The Dissolving of The Veil~

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Monday, June 18, 2012

The Veil


Commentary from The Galactic Free Press~ Archons=minions  etheric he is speaking about is actually the mental plane, not the etheric~ Love the Earth Allies.. Brilliant Truth Posted Below~


Time has come for me to release more intel about the Archons as we are entering the period when the destiny of this planet is being decided and people need to be informed so better choices can be made.


About 26,000 years ago, Archons declared this planet to be their property and all beings living on it their hostages and slaves. They have declared this planet to be a quarantine and every space vehicle entering or exiting this planet needed a special permit from the Archons.


This is the reason for “non-interference” we hear so much about. The human race was being held hostage by the Archons for all those millennia, and after being held in a closed loop system of reincarnating to the same place over and over again, amnesia and lethargy crept in. The time of amnesia is almost over. After June 21st  this year, the rescue operations coordinated by positive ET races will increase in intensity.


In the past, the only way a human being could escape from the quarantine was through the ascension process, during which he had to release all attachments to all physical, etheric, astral and mental realities where Archons can operate. An alternative option of gaining freedom by being able to travel to other star systems will open to humanity soon as the quarantine dissolves. 



The Archons have been sustaining their control with a special technology that is called The Veil. It is an electromagnetic frequency fence on the lower astral and especially on the etheric plane, extending maximally 8.6 miles upwards and downwards from the surface ground level of our planet,  that to a great extent prevents the Light from coming into the quarantine Earth. The Veil is being operated by the non-physical Archons. This technology could be best described as etheric HAARP. This technology distorts the time / space structure on quantum level and thus creates big difficulties for UFO propulsion systems of the positive ET  forces. In the past, this has hindered the progress of the positive ET races towards this planet significantly.


Apart from keeping the good ETs at bay, the Veil has a function of programming / reprogramming the human population and keeping it in the reincarnation / recycling process. I will now state few of the main astral / etheric programs for incarnated humans currently in operation:


1) Lowering of consciousness and light body / merkaba deactivation. This program is maintained with etheric standing wave resonance technology.


2) Blocking of free will and of positive initiative. This program is maintained with etheric infrasound technology. Part of that sound precipitates towards the physical plane and some people can hear it as a very low frequency hum. This was the source of mysterious sounds that people heard in the beginning of 2012 and not the destruction of deep underground military bases, as some sources erroneously reported. Infrasound blocks certain centers in the physical brain and this blocks positive initiative. This infrasound is also the cause of unusual tiredness that many people experience without any apparent reason.


3) Lowering the intelligence. This is done by inducing strong magnetic fields to the etheric brain and to the membrane between the physical and etheric brain and this disturbs the thinking process. This program results in foggy mind, forgetfulness and lack of focus.


4) Inducing disharmony in relationships. This is being done by tampering with the chakras of the etheric body and creating dissonant frequencies on the auric membrane with etheric infrasound. This program results in artificial split between love and sexuality, closing of the heart, overactivity of the mind and disbalance between female and male principles.


5) Inducing poverty. This is being done by projecting poverty holograms / images into the etheric brain.


6) Subculture division. This program operates by targeting different subcultures with specific opposing etheric holographic images and thus creating division among them.


7) Eating patterns / obesity. This program is induced by projecting images of a certain food that creates obesity, into the etheric brain.

8) All-seeing eye. This spy program operates from the etheric plane and monitors all activity of physical beings and then reports this to the non-physical Archons.


9) Implants. These are etheric / astral crystals that were put into the aura of every human being just before the incarnation, as that person needs to descend from the mental / higher astral planes through the lower astral / etheric towards the physical in order to incarnate. Those implants remove the memory of the prior incarnations and are the main reason why we mostly do not remember past lives, nor the Archon entities ruling the planet. Implants are somewhat poetically called the “veil of forgetfulness”.


There were also physical implants. The physical implants were very popular in Atlantis but were discontinued after the fall of Atlantis happened. There was an attempt to reintroduce physical implants after the World War II with physical biochips that were put into the vast majority of human beings through vaccination programs. This is the main reason why WHO has made vaccination mandatory. Physical biochips reinforced other programming but were successfully completely erased from the human population about two years ago with a special technology that could be operated from a distance, developed by the Resistance Movement. Therefore fears about NWO planning to microchip human population are not based on reality since the population has already been microchipped and those same biochips have also been removed without anybody really noticing.


The Archons have reactivated and renewed The Veil in early 1996 after the mass awakening happened in early 90s that made intervention of the positive ET races on this planet a real possibility. This was done with about 200 nuclear explosions on the lower astral and etheric planes. Those non-physical nuclear explosions have created a rift in the fabric of space / time that has opened dark wormholes through which many reptilian entities invaded planet Earth from outer space and infested its astral and etheric planes. The Veil was reactivated again in December 2004 after the mass awakening to the Goddess presence which happened after the first Venus transit in June 2004 and after some successful operations of the Pleiadian fleet towards liberating this planet. Now, after the second Venus transit in June 2012 the awakening is happening again. This time the Veil can not be reinforced as there are no negative physical or non-physical ET forces in the outer space left to invade our planet. We are thus very close to the final victory.


The success of our mass meditations was such that about 70% of the Veil on the astral plane and about 35% of the Veil on the etheric plane has already been removed. Therefore it is very important that we continue with mass meditations until the work is done completely and the Veil is completely removed. This is scheduled to happen in the 7 months period that started on May 20th/21st at the Reboot of the Grid and will be completed on December 21st, 2012.


Physical Archons and the rest of the physical Cabal may and can be removed long before the Veil is completely gone.


Physical and non-physical Archons have a plan with a codename Doom33 to prevent the mass arrests from happening. According to that plan, when the mass arrests would start, the non-physical Archons would give a signal through occult rituals to top physical Archons inside SMOM (Knights of Malta) and among 33rd degree Freemasons. Those people would then give orders through their links inside the military and alphabet agencies to create as much destruction and havoc as possible. This goes along with the Armageddon End times prophecies that are highly respected among the physical Archons. They would do anything to see those prophecies fulfilled. You do not need to be afraid of those plans as Light forces have detailed plans to prevent most of this from ever happening.


Jesuit physical Archons are still in control of the fuzzy logic artificial intelligence financial system computer program that Benjamin Fulford is speaking about. The Resistance Movement has put a computer virus in that program at the Reboot of the Grid on May 20th/21st and can now reboot the financial system if / when this will be necessary for the operations of the Light forces. 


Jesuit physical Archons lost much power over general population in the March revolution in 1848/1849. Most of them have then moved to lower astral and etheric planes. Those that remained on the physical plane still control humanity indirectly through the Rothschilds. Rothschilds do not operate independently but obey orders from their Jesuit Archon overlords.


Solstice of 2012 is the turning point when many things about the Archons and the planetary situation will be decided. Sheliak timewave novelty graph shows a drastic decrease in entropy until June 21st, which indicates this turning point:






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everything has been beautifully orchestrated. The Shift Is Now. Love & Light.

Wow, thank you for the very

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Wow, thank you for the very interesting info, this arcticle really summarises all little bits and pieces..eye opening..share material...love, K


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More information,more truth,more shock and ,but now beyond rage and anger.......

plodding on with hope and renewed power! Thanks for this post......

Thank you!!!

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Thanks for filling in the blanks!!!

Celebration in Pegram Tn

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Pot luck drumming healing time at BELTANE BRIAR starting at 6pm. I will be checking messages if anyone needs directions. Kid friendly event.

can anybody answer my question please?

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does any body have any idea, why our higher selves did not act on those dark systems , plans?


I believe our higher selves are much stronger than any negative plane entities or archons who ever they are.  why did our higher selves let this veil programs get between us?


i have all this time been thinking that we souls in these human bodies are experiencing the material dimension for the source.. our experiences are being collected by our higher selves.. i was thinking that we were the god who is experiencing him/her self.


what happened to this theory now?


i am very much confused.. can anybody enlighten my confused mind?


however confused my mind is, my heart is getting clearer and clearer. i am sending those dark beings everyday the light and love of the creator through my heart.


thank you very much in advance for your answers.

What about the Annunaki?

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Thanks for providing this amazing and interesting information to help us understand more fully the 'behind the scenes' history of tne enslavement of our planet.  How do the Annunaki fit into all of this?

My Dirty Little Secret: I'm a Rockefeller

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Yes, its true.

This is something that only few people know and I struggle with every single day.


The reason I wanted to speak up and out about this was due to the cobra report that I just read. I would like to speak on behalf of those of us who do not subscribe to the Rockefeller Rothschild agenda. 


Now, I always knew that there was an abundance of shady things going on here... but what I read tonight just made me angry. I try very, very hard to let these things slip past me.


Observe the negativity, understand that it has its place... and try to appreciate and thank these lower activities for teaching me how NOT to be.


However, what many people do not realize is that there are people like myself who never even knew that they were a part of this family. After being stalked and harassed and persuaded to initiate into their factions throughout my entire life, but never being told the whole truth, I went on my own journey. 


I got a DNA test a little over a year ago and what I found led me down a rabbit hole of Genealogy and History that I never saw coming. All that I knew of my family's history was our Native American side, which I was quite proud of... But I never went much further past this. There were also many dead end's and gaping holes in my family tree...


But the virgo in me... well, we like to leave no stone unturned. Thanks to the internet and ebay. I was able to fill in the gaps of many missing pieces. They may have been able to control most of the books and other publications over the past few decades, but I started to find bibles from the 1700's and History books and Theosophic texts that just showed up in my mail box.


Everything they tried to hide... I uncovered.


But where did the cover-up begin?



Celebration in Pegram Tn

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Pot luck drumming healing time at BELTANE BRIAR starting at 6pm. I will be checking messages if anyone needs directions. Kid friendly event.

Dissolving the veil

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First of all THANK YOU for this eye opening report. So many questions answered and I see what is taking so long now. Secondly I am a theta healer practioner, I used theta and healed all of the things mentioned in this article with creators help of course, in less than an hour . I feel amazing I feel relaxed and calm and the things that were a problem before like food cravings are not there now. I am still waiting to see the other changes in my life. I just want to offer my services to any one needing them, I can do phone healings for a reasonable price. If not I would suggest going to a theta healer in your area. It is truly miraculous. Thank you Creator and all others aiding us now. Shout out to all the light workers it is getting better dont give up. Contact me at creatorhealing@gmail.com. Thanks & God bless.  

Eye Opener

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Wow! I had begun to feel the truth in all the things you have shared at a very deep level and for me this was strong confirmation. I am reminded of reading Earth-Keeper's (Tyberron's) channels of Metatrons and Metatron constantly talking about programs...I feel he was referring to some of these...not all but some. And then THE GROUP (www.lightworker.com) they also have alluded to several things in here to although at a different angle and still more..I am finally reading (felt finally called to read) Bringers of the Dawn and WOW so much paralleled and revealed in there. And even more hints that I just can't put my finger on.

I don't really have anger b/c I know at a deep level I signed up for all of this.I feel very blessed to be here to be part of the energy/team that is bringing the Light to this world and yes I will continue meditating...we're getting there!!!!!!

Thank you!


Love and Light,