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Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.



December 21, 2012 marks the end of an approximate 26,000 years cycle called the Precession of the Equinox.  This is just one of several cycles ending at this time, so the energies involved will be extremely intense and transformative.[ii]

Because Earth humans possess such short life spans, we are consciously unaware that life continues in ever-expanding cycles of time.  We remember only the cycles of days, weeks, months, years, and centuries because we have experienced them.

We are about to experience the ending of several much longer cycles and the beginning of new cycles.  The illustration of fractal planetary life cycles below will assist us in grasping the magnitude of what is about to occur.  With Earth in the center, imagine the cycles farther and farther from our planet ending one complete cycle and beginning another.  Consider the relatively minor changes that we experience with the ending of a year’s cycle and beginning of a new year … now magnify these changes to include the longest cycle—a 225 million yrs. cycle ending and a new 225 million yrs. cycle beginning.

 Planetary Life cycles


The New Earth will be transformed in ways we cannot imagine.  For the first time in cosmic history, Mother Earth—Gaia is her Soul name—has invited all of her inhabitants to ascend with her while still in our physical bodies.  No other planet in this vast cosmos has ever issued such an invitation.  For this reason, no one knows how this transformation will unfold … whether it will be sudden or gradual … whether we will receive full consciousness immediately or open to full consciousness in stages.

Another indicator of the importance of 12/21/12 is Project Looking Glass.  The movie CONTACT with Joey Foster is a realistic depiction of the Looking Glass.  David Wilcox explains the Looking Glass in this video.  According to the Looking Glass technology, all time lines merge into one on 12/21/12 … Earth bumps … and bursts into Light—from darkness into Light.


Maureen Moss offers insight regarding reaching zero point.


Archangel Michael talks about 12/21 on tonight’s final show AN HOUR WITH AN ANGEL.

[ii]   The cycles ending in December 2012 are a 2,000 yrs. cycle, a 26,000 yrs. cycle, a 78,000 yrs. cycle, a 26 million yrs. cycle, and a 225 million yrs. cycle.

[iii]   Painting lifted from:



I challange the "Linda Dillion" channaling

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For now I will leave it at the fact that "we" the People, who I speak for are the ones that may be half asleep but want to awaken and are on sites like these for that purpose. But we want the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth. We have been getting partials of truth to sway us certain ways for the benifits of the few that have murdered the ones the stand up to them, we are done with them and that kind of treatment and I and the world wide group that I am in association with are out to stop the clandestine lies and or miss-information of the cabal and or any who wish to make their living off the sleeping sheep.


We are on full alert to this and intend to wipe it OUT completely. I'll be back.

David Porter

Author of the series